Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Fashion catwalk angel of Downtown L.A...

So after a real dry spell for angel sightings, recently I've been inundated with new angelic delights.
Downtown LA cat mask angel
Following my discovery of the Glittering Angel from the Community of Angels Project, I was also able to snap another winged beauty in Downtown L.A.
Downtown LA FIDM Gwynn Murrill carved angel
This particular angelic creature can be found in the Fashion District outside the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) entrance on Grand Avenue (boy do I get around L.A. these days).
Transforming Yourself into Fashion angel
I'd ventured Downtown to peruse the Television Costume Design Exhibition, currently on at the FIDM until the 6th September 2009, to see costumes from such shows as The Tudors, Dancing with the Stars, Gossip Girl, The Ghost Whisper, Castle, Ladies No.1 Detective Agency and even FIDM graduate Leanne Marshall's winning Project Runway season 5 designs (sadly they don't allow photography).
FIDM TV costume exhibition banner
Anyway, back to the masked angel in question. This intriguing bronze sculpture from 1990 by Tony Berlant and carved by Gwynn Murrill is called 'Transforming Yourself into Fashion'.
Catwalk fashion angel in Downtown Los Angeles
There's something equally elegant and eerie about this statue, which obviously may have something to do with the cat mask over the angel's face.
Downtown LA winged fashion angel
It wasn't created as part of the Community of Angels Project (it was made about ten years earlier), but it certainly has the same quirky and irreverent feel of many of the street art angels.
Catwalk angel in Downtown LA
If you like bronze sculptures and can't get Downtown to see this particular angel, you can also check out some fabulous Rodin and Bourdelle works of art in LACMA's outdoor sculpture garden on Wilshire Blvd.
FIDM Angel in Downtown LA
Anyway, if any Los Angelenos can share the location of any further angel statues or imagery around L.A. that would be fantastic.

Until then, the angel quest continues...

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