Thursday, August 13, 2009

G.I. Joe is better than Transformers 2...

I know it really does come to something when all you can say about a movie is that it's better than another film based on a toy franchise. But I have a guilty secret, I actually enjoyed G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.
GI Joe Snake Eyes movie billboard
Quite frankly it won't win any Oscars, but let's face it, was it even trying to? It's just great escapist fun and not to be taken at all seriously.
GI Joe Rise of Cobra movie poster
I know I'm not exactly target market, it's clearly aged at young boys (although there's an awful lot of sword induced bloody wounds), but sometimes you do want an action movie to challenge you as well as entertain you.

Original G.I. Joe movie costumes and props 
on display at The Cinerama Dome in Hollywood
Actual GI Joe movie costume and props
Hammy acting by the movie's villains and the fact the rest of the 'Joes' are just cardboard cut-out caricatures doesn't help, but what can you really expect from a film based on a collection of toys?
GI Joe Rise of Cobra film billboard
Other bad points include some rather bad hair days for Agent Scarlett (Rachel Nichols) and The Baroness (Sienna Miller)awkward and clumsy storytelling through unsophisticated flashbacks, predictable 'twists' and character relationships, wooden acting....need I go on?
GI Joe The Baroness film poster
Having said all that, there's lots of action, some cool effects (especially when the nano-mites destroy the Eiffel Tower), ninjas fighting, women-in-heels fighting, The Baroness' super-cool glasses (who wouldn't want a pair of those), Channing Tatum without his shirt on, kid ninjas, explosions, hi-tech sound weapons, some humour, secret bases in the Sahara Desert and under the Arctic, and did I mention the ninjas?
GI Joe Snake Eyes movie poster
It's better than Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen because it doesn't have the same juvenile humour (the Devastator Constructicon with the two wrecking balls dangling between its legs and the offensive homophobic jokes from the Autobot twins), plus you can see most of the action in this film, whilst in Transformers 2 the robots move so fast and look virtually the same, it's hard to know what's happening.
GI Joe Agent Scarlett movie poster
I won't go on, but I give G.I. Joe a generous three *** stars. I don't doubt with the rather obvious ending that there's a money-spinning sequel planned, but maybe they'll surprise us with a better second movie. Or maybe not!
GI Joe Duke Channing Tatum poster
Be sure to check out the pictures of actual vehicles used in G.I. Joe and original movie costumes and props on display. 

Actual movie vehicles from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Original GI Joe film vehicles
After the cinematic highs of quirky romcom 500 Days of Summer, eco-documentary The Cove and the wonderful Julie & Julia, I'm looking forward to putting the G.I. Joe experience behind me and redeeming myself with the likes of District 9 and Taking Woodstock.

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