Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Glittering Angel of Downtown L.A...

Following a lead from a fellow blogger and L.A. resident I managed to track down another of the original angels from 2000 and 2001's 'Community of Angels Project'.
Downtown LA's Glittering Angel statue
The city-wide sculptural endeavour which saw hundreds of basic fiberglass angel statues decorated and made into works of art, has formed a large part of my quest to photograph angel imagery in this affectionately nicknamed 'City of Angels'.
The Glittering Angel by Sue Keane in Downtown LA
One of the aims of the 'Community of Angels Project' was to take art out of museums and galleries and onto the streets and all these years later this angel has found a home in a park space just behind 7th and Figueroa Street in Downtown L.A.
Downtown LA park angel
This Glittering Angel was by artist Sue Keane who wanted her sculpture to reflect L.A.'s diverse community and geography.
Glittering Angel in Downtown LA
Apparently the glass mosaic wings mirror the brilliant Californian sky, the sparkling Pacific Ocean and beautiful snow-topped mountains, whilst the swirling bands of gold and silver body paint signifies the many cultures that intertwine to make the population of Los Angeles.
Downtown Los Angeles Glittering Angel sculpture by Sue keane
Sadly this angel is starting to look a bit weather-worn these days and unfortunately it's also been vandalised with graffiti (some people just can't appreciate nice things), so it's not looking as radiant as it did in its prime. However, it's still great to find and see in the fiberglass flesh so to speak.
The Glittering Angel in Downtown LA by Sue Keane
Funnily enough this particular street art charity angel actually features prominently on the cover of the first 'Community of Angels' book from 2001.
The Glittering Angel by Sue Keane
In addition to this winged statue I've also found another three angels from the project around Los Angeles and have a new lead on another one in an office building again in Downtown L.A.

My quest continues...

Buy the books in the USA to discover more about the creative project: A Community of Angels: Los Angeles

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