Monday, August 24, 2009

It's a dog's life (in pictures)...

Today I thought we needed a long overdue dose of Cooper (I think he's feeling neglected).

16 month old Cooper at Runyon Canyon
Cooper at Runyon Canyon in August 2009
We have a friend in town visiting, so she's Cooper's new plaything, but aside from that, life continues as normal.

Cooper and all his toys
Cooper and his toys
Nothing changes and at sixteen months we still refer to him as our puppy (and he always will be) and he's not lost his love of big sticks.

Cooper loves a big stick
Cooper's big stick
He's still energetic and 'all go' one minute, then crashed out the next.

One zonked out pup
Zonked pup Cooper
But then it doesn't take long for the fun and games to begin again.

Happy water pup
Recently he's taken to sleeping with us at night and nestling between our pillows, so kind of becoming like our own personal head rest. It's so cute (until you wake up in the morning covered in fur and all snuffly).

Sleepy pillow pup
Sleepy pillow pup
Whether he's at the top of the bed or spread all over, he's such a bed hog.

Hogging the bed
Pup hogging the bed
When he's not sleeping he still loves his treks around Runyon Canyon, especially when he gets to play with his pup-pals as he walks around.

Cooper and his friend Woody
Cooper and Woody at Runyon Canyon
But the end of the day he's still our boy (and so handsome).

Jason and Cooper in Hollywood
Jason and Cooper in West Hollywood
So, hopefully all Cooper's fans (of which there are many) will enjoy this new selection of pictures until the next time.

Woof for now...


Anonymous said...

I like your lab. I also have one that going to celebrate her 1 year old birthday.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks for the comment.

Labs are great aren't they! :-)

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