Sunday, August 30, 2009

More cool billboards around L.A. in August...

You can tell it's that time of year when new films and TV shows are coming out because the billboards around L.A. are going up and coming down faster than ever.

Here is a selection of new eye-catching movie, TV, beverage and other entertainment billboards for August, but don't forget to check out the first installment of billboard ads for this month.

Movie billboards
Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs film billboards
First up is this colourful and wacky pair for the kids animated movie 'Cloudy with a chance of meat balls'. Not sure it's high on my list to watch, but love the stand-out creative.
Whiteout movie billboard
I knew nothing of this next film until I saw the billboard for it, so I must investigate what Kate Bekinsale's new 'Whiteout' movie is all about. Looks like a thriller to me.
Surrogates movie female model billboard
Next is another execution for the new Bruce Willis sci-fi movie 'Surrogates', again following the model-with-a-robotic-twist creative.

Other entertainment billboards
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre Billboard
We were so excited to see this billboard for the Greek Theatre and the Pet Shop Boys concert there on the 24th September. Tickets have already been booked and it'll be twice the fun, as I've never seen the Pet Shop Boys live before and I've never been to the Greek Theatre either.

Then not long after it's the magnificent Kylie Minogue (who I have seen in concert before) at The Hollywood Bowl on the 4th October, so I've got a pop-tastic couple of months to look forward to.

Beverage billboards
Pepsi Optimissmmm billboard
There's something really cheerful about this Pepsi billboard at the Hollywood & Highland Center. Maybe it's the bright pink against the Californian blue sky, the flanking white elephants or just the optimistic sentiment.

TV billboards
The Mentalist TV billboard
The Mentalist is a popular TV show over here that I don't watch, but this mono creative stands out nicely against L.A.'s blue sky (when the smog and marine layer allow).
Melrose Place TV Billboard
After seeing the set-up for the Melrose Place launch party on Saturday 22nd August, I keep seeing billboards for the new incarnation of TV show everywhere (they must be spending some money to promote it).

With so many returning shows over the last couple of years like 90210, Battlestar Galactica and the forthcoming 'V' sci-fi series, you have to wonder if the TV studios are running out of ideas or are they just unwilling to take the risk to try something completely new.
Flashforward TV show billboard
On the other hand you do have some studios willing to try out new concepts, like ABC and their new Flashforward show eagerly anticipated at the end of September. I bet they are hoping this will be LOST's replacement as there's only one season left of that popular show.
Mad Men TV billboard
When you think about it, it's ironical to see a billboard for Mad Men considering the show's about an advertising agency in 1960's America.
Project Runway TV billboard
Finally I'll leave you with a glimpse of one of my favourite billboards for August. It's for the sixth season of Project Runway and the first on the Lifetime channel. I love that it has such confidence, with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn striding down the catwalk, announcing that the show has arrived to its new home here in L.A.

I also love the fact that only the other day I was at the FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising) in Downtown L.A. where the show was filmed.

As Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!"...

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