Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Revisiting the sculptures of Beverly Gardens Park...

With a friend in town visiting for the first time we're on a mission to take in as many of L.A.'s famous landmarks as possible in five days.
Barry Flanagan's The Drummer sculpture
So far we've enjoyed the delights of the Griffith Observatory, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach and the infamous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.
The Drummer sculpture at Beverly Gardens Park
Aside from all the fancy designer stores, you can also find some fantastic sculptures across the road, alongside Santa Monica Boulevard, in the Beverly Gardens Park.

The Drummer
The Drummer bronze sculptureThe Drummer sculpture Beverly Hills
One of my favourites is a bronze sculpture by Barry Flanagan, called The Drummer, from 1989-90.
The Drummer statue in Beverly HillsThe Drummer bronze sculpture by Barry Flanagan
I find the drumming hare (or is it a rabbit?), an extremely captivating and playful piece.
The Drummer in Beverly Gardens Park
I've highlighted the collection of sculptures on offer in the park before on my blog, but to my dismay discovered that I had a smeary camera lens, so I was delighted to take some more photos of these two interesting pieces.

Hymn of Life
Yayoi Kusuma Hymn of Life Tulips sculpture
Hymn of Life Tulips sculpture Beverly Hills
The second sculpture is slightly more controversial and called 'Hymn of Life' by Yayoi Kusuma.
Hymn of Life Tulips sculpture Yayoi KusumaHymn of Life Tulips colourful sculpture
This colourful sculpture of Tulips looks like it could fit equally well into a children's playground as well as an art gallery, which I think was part of the debate when it was first installed along Santa Monica Blvd.
Hymn of Life Tulips sculpture at Rodeo Drive
Hymn of Life Tulips sculpture Beverly Gardens Park
I think it's such a fun sculpture and reminds me of the carnivorous plant creature from The Little Shop of Horrors musical.

Soon I'll also be bringing you some new pictures from The Getty Center, which also has some fabulous sculptures on display.

More Los Angeles delights await, an evening with Liza Minnelli at The Hollywood Bowl, along with a trip up the West Coast...

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