Saturday, August 29, 2009

Revisiting the wings of the Travel Angel...

The Travel Angel is one of the original sculptures created for the Community of Angels public art project in 2001 and is on display at The Farmers Market at Fairfax and 3rd Street in L.A.
The Travel Angel's postcard wings
I've featured him before as part of my angel quest in this 'City of Angels', but never highlighted him from behind.

Dean and Laura Larson were the artists who created this intriguing sculpture and they designed his wings from the back to be 'feathered' with postcards and travel stickers from around the world, whilst from the front you can see a map of the Earth on his wings.
The Travel Angel sculpture at The Farmers Market
With his Hawaiian shirt, sunglasses and camera around his neck, he looks like the typical tourist and world traveller.

Around 200 angels were created for the Community of Angels project and each statue was individually decorated by a different artist and placed around the city for residents and tourists to admire.
Travel Angel's wings at The Farmers Market
After they had been displayed in public the angels were auctioned off to raise money for youth programs in L.A.

So far I've discovered around six different angel sculptures on my travels from this street art project, but hope to find more in the future on my on-going search for angels in Los Angeles.

Maybe the Travel Angel can be our guardian angel as we drive up America's West Coast to San Francisco, and watch over Cooper as he vacations in his exclusive doggie spa...

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