Friday, August 14, 2009

Winged guardian of drunken souls and medical angel of Wilshire Boulevard...

After a severe drought, I've been able to treat you all to a veritable flood of angels from around L.A. these past few days. 
Cupid Abbey bar angel
Here are another two angelic sightings. The first is a little winged cherub that watches over the drunken revelry in the courtyard at The Abbey bar on Roberston Blvd in West Hollywood.

Next up is a slightly more medicinal angel at the Chiropractic Offices on Wilshire Blvd.
Chiropractic angel of Wilshire Blvd
This winged man with his arms outspread, with only a serpent-like sash to hide his modesty, is a variation on the caduceus which is widely used in healthcare in the United States.

The caduceus, which originates from Greek Mythology, normally depicts a staff with two snakes entwined on it like a double helix and wings at the top.
Medical Angel
Unbeknownst to me the 'Chiropractic Angel' was first used around 1928 and the emblem was formally adopted by the National Chiropractic Association in 1934.
Sunday Abbey Angel
But don't despair 'Abbey Angel', even though you may not share such an elaborate history we still love that your ornamental sculpture adds to the ambiance of the sun-drenched courtyard, as you stand guard over your legions of partying gay boys and girls. 

Speaking of fun, I'm off to Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park today to try out some cool rides. I wonder if they'll have any angels there...

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