Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Angel sightings along California's West Coast...

Following all the excitement of my celebrity spotting at Zuma Beach at the Malibu Triathlon on Sunday 13th September, it's back to our recent adventures up the West Coast of California and some new angel sightings.
Santa Barbara sand angel
Even though this selection of angel imagery falls outside the parameters of my Angel Quest around L.A., I still keep my eye open for any interesting sightings wherever I may be.
Santa Barbara beach sand angel
First up is a collection of angel sculptures in the sand on Santa Barbara Beach beside Stearns Wharf.
Beach angel Santa Barbara
Next is a fantastic winged angel statue at Hearst Castle in the San Simeon Hills.
Hearst Castle winged angel sculpture
She looks like some ancient Greco-Roman diety in her draped toga.
Hearst Castle angel statue
You can also see lots of angels used in the ornate architecture at Hearst Castle.
Hearst Castle angel adorned masonry
Especially on the stone masonry and opulent gilded gates of Casa Grande.
Hearst Castle winged imagery
Moving further up the coast to our final destination of San Francisco, amongst the wonderful statues and sculptures in the City by the Bay, I found this winged beauty atop the Native Son Monument by Douglas Tilden.
San Francisco Angel
Originally named the 'Admission Day Fountain', the angel is modeled on the artist's wife and the monument is located at the intersection of Market and Montgomery Streets.
Douglas Tilden Native Son Monument in San Francisco
So after my West Coast road trip it's back to searching for new angelic sightings in this City of Angels.

I wonder if I have exhausted all the angels around L.A. or whether there are more to be found. Let's wait and see...

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