Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cool TV, movie and sexy billboards around L.A. in September...

This month I have a wealth of billboards around Los Angeles to share with you, from the new season TV shows about to air, to the latest movies and sexy fashion adverts on the streets.
Sunset Boulevard billboard
You do have to wonder though, with all these billboards filling L.A.'s skyline, like these along the infamous Sunset Boulevard, how drivers manage to stay on the road with so many arresting images to distract them.

Movie billboards
Where the wild things are movie billboard
First up is a fantastically eye-catching billboard for Where The Wild Things Are, a fantasy story from my childhood whose trailer almost brought a tear to my eye in the cinema the other day. Can't wait to go see it and hope I'm not too disappointed.
The Informant movie billboard
Next up is Matt Damon in the wonderfully quirky and surprising movie, The Informant. I love how the eggy-yellow colour stands out against the bright blue sky.
Up in the Air movie billboard
One of Matt Damon's pals, George Clooney, is the star of the next movie billboard for Up In The Air.
Love Happens movie billboard
And from one romantic comedy to another, this time starring Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart in a fairly nondescript billboard.
Fame 2009 movie billboard
Remember my name...I certainly do. I absolutely loved the original Fame TV series (much more than the film itself), so can't wait to see this re-imagined version.
Extract movie billboard
Jason Bateman is the star of the comedy film, Extract, and looks down from the side of the Andaz Hotel on Sunset Blvd.
The Vampire's Assistant movie billboard
And just when you thought it was safe to go back to the cinema, after the likes of Twilight and the TV onslaught of True Blood and The Vampire Diaries, there's even more vampire tales on the way in the form of The Vampire's Assistant.
2012 teaser movie billboard
Finally for movie billboards, I'll leave you with this ominous teaser billboard for the end-of-the-world Roland Emmerich blockbuster, 2012.

TV billboards
Dexter season 4 TV billboard
Dexter returns for a fourth season as the 'World's most killer Dad', indeed.
Trauma TV show billboard
Then we have a plethora of new TV shows launching this year, from medical dramas like Trauma, with these effective and arresting billboards.
Trauma TV billboardTo new sci-fi shows like Stargate Universe, the third spin-off from the success Stargate TV franchise.Stargate Universe TV sci-fi billboardFresh new comedy comes in the form of the highly anticipated Glee.
Glee TV billboard
And other new additions like Cougar Town, starring old favourites like Courtney Cox.
Courtney Cox Cougar Town TV billboard
Whilst Adult Swim airs the original British version of The Office using the show's creator and star, Ricky Gervais (who I find annoying), to spread their quirky message.
Rickey Gervais British The Office TV billboard
Finally for TV billboards, there's a new NCIS in town, quite literally. This time Chris O'Donnell (looking slim and sexy again) and LL Cool J star in NCIS: Los Angeles.
NCIS Los Angeles TV billboard

Sexy fashion billboards
Armani Exchange hot male model billboard
Armani Exchange heats up the streets with these billboards featuring buff male models in various states of undress (not that anyone's complaining, especially as we're all missing those Abercrombie & Fitch billboards now they are not advertising at the moment).
Armani Exchange fashion billboard
Next is another racy black and white ad from Calvin Klein featuring sexy actress Eva Mendes wrapped around hot male model Jamie Dornan (and who wouldn't?).
Calvin Klein sexy male model underwear billboard
It certainly stands out along Sunset Boulevard and is a real traffic stopper (I'm sure there's a lot here to please all tastes).

Sports billboards
Red Bull LA Soapbox race billboard
A bit of local flavour here with a huge billboard for the forthcoming Red Bull Soapbox Race in Downtown L.A.
Male torso model billboard
Whilst I'm not really sure what this oversized buff male billboard is for, I'm assuming it's American Football, but I could be wrong. Can anyone help me out with it?
Dogertown billboard
Finally here is another creative in the L.A. Dodgers baseball team campaign, which has real standout with its die-cut rock band, just like Yoda with his sparkling lightsaber near Sunset & Vine.

Wow there are loads of good billboards around town to enjoy this month, but don't forget to check out billboards from August as well while you're at it.

Enjoy and come back soon for more visual delights from around the City of Angels...


gonzo7768 said...

Thanks for posting such great shots. I passed that Armani Exchange Billboard the other day and was going to take a shot but the traffic wouldn't allow me to take it. I thought I would see it on your blog. Do you have Hi Res pics of it? I checked your flickr and it wasn't there. Thanks again for a great blog. I visit it everyday.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Glad to hear you like the blog and the images I feature.

I'll upload the Armani billboard for all to enjoy :-)

Jason in Hollywood said...

I found out that the black & White billboard is indeed for American Football and is a Nike Pro Football gear advert.

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