Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cooper at play - Then and now...

Where's Cooper? How is he? What trouble has he been getting himself into?

I'm sure these are the questions that have crossed your mind these past few days whilst I've been preoccupied recounting my exploits up California's West Coast and celebrity sightings in Malibu.

Oh no, he's back...
17 month old Cooper and his dog pals
Let me put your minds at ease and let you know that aside from winning photography competitions, he's been going out for plenty of walks, eating loads and playing with all his friends as usual.

So without further ado, here's some much needed puppy love from everyone's favourite yellow Labrador retriever, Cooper.

Where are you going? It's me, Cooper...
Happy 17 month old Labrador Cooper
Cooper had a play-date with his gal-pals Ginger and Loki the other day when we had an early morning start for the Malibu Triathlon, and I couldn't get over how much bigger he looked.

Cooper then at 3 months old
Coopers 3 month pup play date
3 month old wrestling pupstar Cooper
3 month pup pal play date
3 month pup with Ginger
Cooper's first dog pal play date
What a difference fourteen months can make. He was so much smaller then. Now he's the same size, if not bigger than the girls.

Cooper now at 17 months old
Dog pals Cooper and LokiLabrador Cooper playing
Dog pals Cooper and Ginger
In addition to his oldest play-pals, Cooper has been making some new friends over the past few months.

He's had puppy swimming lessons and pool parties with his new 'girlfriend' Libby...

Cooper and Libby
Labrador pals Cooper and Libby
Labradors play beside pool
Adorable Labradors poolside
And he loves to play rough and tumble with his Chocolate Labrador pal, Woody, at Runyon Canyon, which is great as they both wear each other out...

Cooper and Woody
Happy Yellow and Chocolate Labradors
Cooper and Woody at Runyon Canyon
There's nothing better than a tired (and happy) Labrador.

Today Cooper is off to doggy daycare so that I can have a day off from dog walking and enjoy a day at Disneyland.

I'm sure we'll both have a fun-filled day...

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