Monday, September 21, 2009

Cooper perfects his diving...

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to be invited around to our friends to introduce Cooper to their new Spaniel puppy, Dexter, and to use their swimming pool.

Guess who was a happy dog?
Pool Labrador Cooper
We're lucky enough to have a pool in our condo complex, but sadly dogs are not allowed in (even though it is very dog friendly here).

Spaniel pup Dexter
Spaniel pup Dexter
Mostly we take Cooper to the beach for a swim in the ocean or rely on invitations from friends to help wear out our pup's boundless energy in their pools.
Pool Cooper in action
So armed with some new pool toys to entertain our seventeen month old Labrador we spent Sunday afternoon helping Cooper perfect his diving skills.

He would dive...
Labrador Cooper diving for his ball
and make a big splash...
Pool Cooper splash
Pool ball Cooper
big splash...
Cooper diving in
Diving pup
big splash...
Pool diving Cooper
Diving dog
big splash...
Big pool splash
Diving Cooper
big splash...
Pool Cooper makes a big splash
You get the idea, and by the end of it there was just as much water on the side of the pool as in it.
Pool Cooper and Jason
You could tell how much he loved it just by looking at him, with a grin from ear to ear, and he fact that he would have gladly played in the swimming pool all day (and night) long.
Happy poolside Cooper
Not even one of his infamous belly-flops or some water up his snout was going to discourage him for long.
Pup with water up his nose
Cooper's turning into a real Labrador now and his swimming got progressively stronger and stronger as he chased balls and rings around the pool.
Cooper's pool toy fun
I mean, have you seen the size of his paws? He's a natural in the water with his big webbed paws.
Happy wet pup Cooper
They are massive and if you're unfortunate to catch one of his claws when he jumps in or swims past, you end up with a collection of scratches and bruises.
Water loving Labrador
But it's all worth it to see him so happy and having such fun.
Cooper having fun
This is actually the pool where he had his first swimming lesson as a pup when he was just two months old.
Cooper's pool toys
Just look at how small he was then...

9 week old Cooper
9 week old pool pup
9 week Labrador inflatable fun
It's hard to remember him every being that small, especially now he's such a water monster.
Pool fun pup
Speaking of small, pup Dexter seemed totally bemused by Cooper, whilst our boy seemed to be far too busy jumping in and out of the pool to notice his new pal.

Oh no, he's spotted me with his ball...
Spaniel puppy Dexter
It'll be interesting to see how Cooper warms to Dexter as he gets older and is able to play more rough and tumble with him in the future.
Pool tired pup Cooper
But as you can see mission accomplished. One extremely happy and worn out pup. Just the way we like him...

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