Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hot gods with hot bods for September...

OMG it's September! I know I say it every month, but where the hell is 2009 going to. Is it true that when you get older life just speeds up?

One good way to stop time is to take a photograph and I'm sure the Australian Football and Rugby stars of today won't be ashamed to look back in years to come to remember how they paraded their buff bodies for the charity Gods of Football calendar.
Michael Witt hot male football god
This month's sporty pick has to be Michael Witt from the New Zealand Warriors, obviously for the lovely scenic view in the background.

Also showing off his manly physique this month is Courtney Johns of Essendon, joining his teammate Tim Hislop from August's hot male calendar pin-ups.
Courtney Johns naked football god
What a great way to start September...

1 comment:

alled said...

Michael Witt and David Williams are definitely the Gods of All Gods of Footy !!!!

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