Sunday, September 13, 2009

I left my hearts in San Francisco...

I think we should all be thankful that I don't live in San Francisco as by now I'd have another obsession, tracking down these Hearts of San Francisco sculptures.

'Always Hope' Heart sculpture
Always Hope Michael Lownie Heart sculpture
Just like my Angel Quest has taken me all over L.A. looking for decorated winged sculptures from the Community of Angels project, San Francisco has a similar street art project in aid of charity.
Always Hope Hearts of San Francisco sculpture
This glittering five foot gold creation is called 'Always Hope' by Michael Lownie from 12th February 2009.

These four 'heart installations' can be found at Union Square, with one on each corner.

Tony Bennett's Golden Gate Bridge Heart
Tony Bennett's Hearts of San Francisco sculpture
The on-going Hearts of San Francisco project started in 2004 in aid of the San Francisco General Hospital Foundation, designed to enhance patient care and comfort.

Support for the charity art project came from Tony Bennett, the world famous crooner whose signature song 'I Left My Heart in San Francisco', from his 1962 album of the same name, helped to launch and inspire this initiative.

Tony Bennett's painted Heart viewed from behind
Hearts of San Francisco sculpture Union Square
Not only did he lend his vocal talents and sing his popular song when this heart was unveiled, but he also used his artistic painting skills to decorate the sculpture.
Tony Bennett Golden Gate Bridge Heart
The next fun cartoon inspired heart is called 'My Heart' by Sirron Norris, again from February 2009.

'My Heart' painted sculpture
Sirron Norris Hearts of San Francisco sculpture

'My Heart' viewed from behind
Sirron Norris My Heart sculpture
This design and 'Always Hope' above are just two of sixteen new Hearts for 2009.
Hearts of San Francisco My Heart sculpture
Terence K Stephens is responsible for another of the new Hearts on display around Union Square.

'Love the Animals' Heart sculpture
TK Stephens Hearts of San Francisco sculpture
This piece is called 'Love the Animals' for obvious reasons and from doing a bit of research I found out he has two chocolate Labrador retrievers, so you can tell he's an animal lover.
Love the Animal heart sculpture
I hope you liked these Heart sculptures, soon you'll see all the angels I spotted on my road trip up California's West Coast...

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