Saturday, September 5, 2009

Music of the movies (and lightsabers) at The Hollywood Bowl...

To bring our Hollywood Bowl season to a close, last night we enjoyed an evening of 'Music from the Movies', courtesy of John Williams and the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra.
Lightsabers at John Williams Hollywood Bowl
Our friends tell us the John Williams concert is a regular fixture at the Bowl and living in Hollywoodland these days makes the music from familiar movies, like Harry Potter and Star Wars, come alive even more.
John Williams movies music concert Hollywood Bowl Sep 09
John Williams at Hollywood Bowl Sep 09
Actress Lynn Redgrave was on hand to introduce the musical pieces from the Harry Potter segment of the crowd pleasing live performance.
John Williams conducts at the Hollywood Bowl
Lynn Redgrave at John Williams Hollywood Bowl Sep 09
The legendary John Williams conducted the L.A. Phil on a truly balmy evening, accompanied by a lightsaber wielding audience (you've probably guessed by now I was one of those Jedi-in-training).
John Williams Hollywood Bowl lightsaber posing
What can I say, I'm just a big kid at heart and who doesn't want to wave a glowing lightsaber in the open air to the infamous soundtrack from Star Wars.
Jason and his lightsaber at the Hollywood Bowl
It was the best $8 I've spent in a long time. Hopefully you can see some of the other lightsabers lighting up the Bowl (it really wasn't just me).
Glowing lightsabers at John Williams Hollywood bowl concert
Anyway it was a great way for us to end this year's Hollywood Bowl season, although we still have one more concert to come there, but that's a non-Bowl event with the 'princess of pop' herself, Kylie Minogue.
Movie music concert at the Hollywood Bowl
John Williams LA Phil Orchestra Hollywood Bowl Sep 09
Once again we've enjoyed a wide variety of performances at the Bowl, from the star-studded Guys and Dolls musical concert, classical Prokofiev and fireworks, the haunting music of Philip Glass, an evening with Broadway sensation and film star Liza Minnelli and even seen the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.
John Williams concert Hollywood Bowl 2009John Williams Hollywood Bowl evening
As you can see we've been busy and we'll miss our regular summer evening visits to get a little culture.

Next year I think we shall treat ourselves to more box-seats to enjoy the experience even more...

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