Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nine reasons to love the new animated movie 9...

When I saw the early trailers for 9, I just knew I had to go and see it, as it looked like such a wonderfully different animated sci-fi adventure and I wasn't wrong.

Just to give you a background synopsis, '9' our titular hero wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world, where machines have overrun and killed all human life. 9 is a sackcloth doll creation or 'Stitchpunk' and bands together with others of his ilk to survive the attacks from the monstrous machines that roam the wastelands of human society.

9 movie poster
9 film poster
Here are my nine reasons why should go see the movie 9.

1. It's so wonderfully inventive. From the imaginative fully realised world that is created to the designs of monstrous machines that inhabit this parallel world, it's a wonder to behold.

The designs of the flying machine and snake creature are especially disturbing and original (although I do have to say I glimpse Tim Burton's influence in 8, who reminds me of Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas).

Stitchpunk 1
9 movie Stitchpunk 1 poster
2. The animation. The characters move seamlessly and believably, whilst the design details like the Stitchpunks camera lens eyes add so much effortless emotion to the characters. It's quality CGI, but grown-up and not too cartoony.

Stitchpunk 2
9 movie Stitchpunk 2 poster
3. It's an action-packed adventure movie. The pace is pretty much non-stop and the story keeps moving along without too much exposition and the action and excitement just keeps building.

Stitchpunks 3 and 4
9 movie Stitchpunks 3 and 4 poster
4. Not for kids. The machines wiped out humanity and so you see a lot of dead corpses, which you wouldn't see in a Disney movie.

I'm not saying more mature children wouldn't enjoy it, but I'm sure young children would be a little disturbed by it. It's just quite a dark story.

Stitchpunk 5
9 movie Stitchpunk 5 poster
5. Fantastic voice talent. Elijah Wood is the voice of neophyte 9, Martin Landau is the inventive 2, Jennifer Connelly is warrior female 7 and Christopher Plummer is the imperious 1, to name but a few. It's a great cast that adds to the overall production quality.

Stitchpunk 6
9 movie Stitchpunk 6 poster
6. Great characterisation. Even though some of the characters don't get that much screen time, they seem to have more personality and more of a presence than you often get from their human counterparts in similar live-action roles.

Stitchpunk 7
9 movie Stitchpunk 7 poster
7. It's relatively short. At only 79 minutes the movie flies by with all its fast-paced action, especially if you can suspend your disbelief and not question the logic too much.

Stitchpunk 8
9 movie Stitchpunk 8 poster
8. Refreshing antidote to other disappointing summer sci-fi blockbusters. Well this film has an actual plot, which always helps (even though the ending is a bit wishy-washy), and compared to Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe it's positively high-brow. It must be a numerical trend as I also loved District 9 this summer.

Stitchpunk 9
9 movie Stitchpunk 9 poster
9. The movie leaves you wanting more, but makes you hope they don't. 9 is one of those films that you hope will be a nice self-contained cult-hit to enjoy for years to come and be free of sequels and over-exploitation (please Mr. Studio Exec). But I'm sure the almighty dollar will mean we see repeats of the travesties that happened to similar gems like The Matrix and Donnie Darko.

Anyway I give 9 an entertaining four **** stars and recommend you all escape to the cinema to see it.

I'm so glad I went to see 9 on 9-9-09...

P.S. Come back tomorrow for more of our adventures up California's West Coast...

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sagar said...

i think the ending was movies need to have a hopeful ending. "this world is ours now . it is what we make of it". what possibly can those dolls do?.it's like the they didn't know how to end the film, so they put up that stupid dialog. what is the point of showing the machine's destruction (which wud have rusted anyway!) after all of humanity is gone. is the green particles in the rain at the final scene supposed to be some bacterial life which will start life again?

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