Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Pet Shop Boys go Greek...

To the Greek Theatre in Griffith Park, that is.
Greek Theatre Pet Shop Boys billboard
On Thursday 24th September we saw the fabulously quirky Pet Shop Boys: Pandemonium on Tour concert.

Neil Tennant sings at Greek Theatre concert
Pet Shop Boys Hearbeat Greek Theatre
Pet Shop Boys concert Heartbeat Greek Theatre
It was a balmy evening and after an hour with a warmup guest DJ, the dynamic British duo took to the stage to perform a mixture of material from their latest album (which I think is one of their most 'pop' for some time) and solid favourites from their extensive career.

Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe on stage in L.A.
Pet Shop Boys Live at Greek Theatre
Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys performs in LA
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre 24 Sep 09Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre concert LA
It was almost a Greatest Hits concert and a real crowd pleaser (which is not surprising considering the thousands of gay men in the audience).

Go West
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre LA
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre Go West
I've never seen the Pet Shop Boys in concert before and never been to the Greek Theatre, so it was a doubly special evening.
Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium on Tour
Pet Shop Boys on stage Sep 09
Pet Shop Boys on stage in LA
Pet Shop Boys LA concert Sep 09
The Greek Theatre is another open air theatre like the magnificent Hollywood Bowl, but smaller and with less of an incline which means it's not as great when people sit down in front of you for one as short as me, so I spent most of the show on my feet.
Pet Shop Boys concert at Greek Theatre LA
Pet Shop Boys 24 Sep 09
But because it is smaller you are naturally closer to the stage and we had great seats.
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre Sep 2009Pet Shop Boys show Sep 09
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre lightshow
The concert was amazing. It was quirky, innovative,polished and fun. It seemed like a 'bigger' production than it actually was considering there's just the two of the Pet Shop Boys (who don't really move that much, especially Chris Lowe who stays behind his DJ station for most of the show) and four dancers.
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre

Pet Shop Boys perform in Los Angeles
Greek Theatre concert with Neil Tennant
The stage design was excellent and they had these versatile building blocks which allowed the dancers to climb over them, break through them or have them spectacularly burst apart towards the end of the concert.

New York City Boy
Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium concert LAPet Shop Boys Pandemonium concert
The dazzling lightshow and mix of audio visual elements also added to the exciting performance.
Neil Tennant performs Greek Theatre Sep 09
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre LA 09
King Tennant Pet Shop Boys
It was such an entertaining concert, from the music to the fantastic dancers and the cheering crowd.
Pet Shop Boys Pandemonium LA concert
Pet Shop Boys Concert dancers

Pet Shop Boys Concert finale
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre concert finale
It was certainly the best concert of the year so far (as Kylie is to come in October).

Pet Shop Boys Concert encore - West End Girls
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre encore
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre dancing
Pet Shop Boys Greek Theatre West End Girls
I hope you enjoy these photos of the concert and you can see what a spectacular night it was...

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Marcus said...

Hello! My name is Marcus Ulhôa and I found your blog when I was looking for pictures of the "Pandemonium Tour".
Yesterday I watched this show in my hometown, Belo Horizonte, MG - Brasil. It was fabulous, fantastic! As the last tourneé "Fundamental tour" that I watched here too.
May you make the kindness of send this pictures by e-mail for me, please?
Or upload at any site and pass me de address?
Thank you for the attention and sorry for the poor english (I speak portuguese).
My e-mail is

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