Thursday, September 3, 2009

A star is born - Cooper wins first prize...

So we're just back from our jaunt up the West Coast to San Francisco and back (more on that in the next few days), and we just picked up our exhausted pup from his own holiday (he's totally wiped out from seven days of puppy play), to discover that Cooper has won first place in a photo competition on the Daily Puppy website.
Cooper wins Daily Puppy splash competition
What a fantastic surprise to to greet us on our return to L.A. and for our reunion with our 'golden boy'.

This is not the first time our Hollywood Hound has had a brush with fame and prize winning though, as he did take third place in a Bath Time photo contest in March earlier this year.

But this time he 'takes home the biscuit' and his comedy photo earns him a Puppies Umbrella from the Paws Appeal website. I'm sure it'll come in handy when the heavens do open here in L.A. (and the do with a vengeance).

Anyway, here's a larger shot of Cooper's prize-winning picture. It's one of my favourite comedy Cooper moments and you just have to laugh when you look at it (sorry pup).

photo competition winner
Yellow Labrador Cooper bellyflops into the pool
If you're wondering what he's doing, he's learning to dive into a swimming pool. He's so used to being able to run into the waves in the ocean, that it took him a while to master diving into the pool.

But with a little help from his fellow Labrador friend, Libby, he soon progressed from doggie belly-flop to even bigger splashes.

Have a good laugh and come back soon for more adventures on America's West Coast...

P.S. Cooper will always be a star in our eyes no matter how many competitions he wins.


Anonymous said...

I love that picture too - even if it's not exactly flattering for Cooper!

Jason in Hollywood said...

You and I both know that I have a million gorgeous shots of Coops, so a comedy shot every once and a while is allowed.

After all every parent embarrasses their child at some stage with baby pics ;-)

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