Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surrogates may be sci-fi, but it falls short of being sci-fab...

Yes, Surrogates may be a sci-fi film, but it falls way short of being sci-fabulous! Don't get me wrong it's not a total stinker of a film, but maybe because I like the futuristic genre so much I was a bit underwhelmed by the whole experience.
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Firstly it's quite an obvious plot, you seem to know exactly what is going to happen next and there are very few real surprises. I suppose it's missing any 'wow factor'.

Set in a future where people use synthetic robots to live their lives for them, Bruce Willis and his FBI partner, played by Rahda Mitchell, investigate the destruction of two 'surrogates' and the deaths of their human operators.

In a world where crime has been reduced by 99% and harm, let alone death, from using a surrogate is supposedly impossible, it makes you wonder why the world still needs the FBI and the police.
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I had a few problems with the morality and logistics of this future world, but was willing to suspend my disbelief in order to give the movie room to breath.

There are some good action sequences and Bruce Willis as a younger looking, blond haired surrogate is almost worth the ticket price alone, but overall too many things annoyed me about the movie.
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Even though the film has this central surrogate concept which required make-up or computer wizardry for pretty much all of the cast, including extras, it still looks a bit cheap at times and is not a consistent futuristic world.

Mostly it looks like it was filmed on studio sets and could just be an expensive pilot episode of a sci-fi TV series.
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And although I enjoyed the chemistry between Bruce Willis and his wife, played by Rosamund Pike in the movie, does the motivation of every futuristic law enforcer need to be the death of a child (Minority Report anyone)?
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Whilst I liked some of the actors, another piece of casting I question is James Cromwell. Not that I don't think he's a brilliant actor, just totally overused these days on TV and in the movies, and I would have liked to see someone else playing the elderly inventor of the surrogate technology.

I was expecting so much more, so only give Surrogates three *** stars.

Let's hope the next film on my list, the Fame re-make, doesn't disappoint as much...

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