Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Cooper returns and has his revenge...

Happy Halloween everyone!
Halloween Labrador Cooper
Halloween Cooper is back and out for revenge.
Halloween costume Cooper
As you can see, once again he's less than thrilled to be putting on his wicked wizard costume to join in the celebrations, but he's already had his revenge by eating the lid of one of my carved Jack O' Lantern pumpkins.
Trick or Treat puppy
This was our mischievous pup last year try to snack on a nice helium balloon, so you can see he's not changed his ways.
Halloween hat Cooper
Luckily Cooper only had to wear his costume for a few short minutes whilst I snapped these adorable pictures and he'll be staying safely inside tonight whilst we go check out the spectacle of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.
Tired Halloween pup
I'm sure by the time we battle our way up and down Santa Monica Boulevard we'll be ready to pass out just like Cooper after one of his Runyon Canyon hikes.
Tired pumpkin pup
It's our second year so we know a little more about what spooky sights to expect, and I'll have my camera ready to capture the best of the parade of costumes and masked 'Carnaval' goers.
Wicked Halloween wizard pup
You'll also get to see that Cooper isn't the only one I get to dress up for Halloween. Come back soon to find out the dynamic results.
Happy Halloween balloon
Happy haunting today folks...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Anatomy of a logo...

You may have noticed a little makeover here at Jason in Hollywood the past few days. I decided it was high time to introduce a refreshed logo so that new visitors to my blog could get an idea of what it's all about.
Jason in Hollywood blog logo
I made sure to include a picture of myself, Jason in Hollywood, and our faithful yellow Labrador, Cooper, as this blog is all about chronicling our adventures here in Hollywoodland.

The photo was actually taken on one of our excursions up the West Coast of California, on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara.
Jason and Cooper at Stearns Wharf
We live in West Hollywood and are proud to be gay, so I wanted to highlight some of the local characters from the Los Angeles Pride Parade celebrations in June 2009, hence the fabulous cheerleader in drag on the float.
WEHO Cheer West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade 2009
Mario Lopez and Teri Hatcher represent my Hollywood celebrity sighting efforts. These particular photos were taken early one morning in September this year at the Malibu Triathlon at Zuma Beach.
Teri Hatcher after Malibu Triathlon 2009
Of course Mario Lopez also represents my appreciation of the buff male form in all its glory.
Mario Lopez after Malibu Triathlon 2009
The colourful and quirky Travel Angel sculpture to be found at The Farmers Market highlights my obsessive Angel Quest around the streets of this City of Angels.
The Travel Angel sculpture at The Farmers Market
Henry Moore's spectacular Bronze Form at The Getty Center Sculpture Garden, represents my newfound appreciation of arts and culture around L.A., especially for sculpture and architecture.
Henry Moore Bronze Form sculpture at The Getty Garden
This amazing (and actual) Nite Owl II costume from the Watchmen movie, was photographed on display at my favourite cinema, the ArcLight Hollywood.
Actual Nite Owl II Watchmen costume
Their displays of original costumes, props and even vehicles featured in movies, inspired me to launch my second blog all about, you guessed it, Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.
Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog logo
In designing my new logo for Jason in Hollywood I wanted to have some brand symmetry with my new blog and I think I accomplished that. What do you think?

You may noticed I sneaked one of, if not my favourite cocktail, a cosmopolitan, into the new logo (in front of Teri Hatcher). It represents fun times and eating out at different places in L.A.
My favourite cocktail, a Cosmopolitan
And of course the infamous Hollywood Sign in the background, with a few palm trees for good measure, stands for one of the world's (and L.A.'s) most famous landmarks, and my efforts to see all the sights that Los Angeles has to offer. Whenever I see it, I still can't believe I'm having this fantastic adventure.
The Hollywood Sign Los Angeles
So there's the story behind the new Jason in Hollywood logo. I'm sure it will evolve over time, just as my blog has, but for now enjoy the new look and keep coming back for your daily dose of adventures in entertainment, Los Angeles and life.

See you soon...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

An eclectic mix of shop angels take flight...

On my travels lately I've spotted a real eclectic mix of angel imagery on the streets of L.A.
Gaco Chicano store cupid angel
First up is this fantastic winged specimen adorning the exterior walls of the Gaco Chicano by Christian Audigier store on Melrose Avenue.

Next up are these machine gun wielding cupids on this awning for Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos just off Melrose Avenue on Poinsettia Place.
Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos machine gun cupids
Melrose Avenue certainly seems to be the place to find angels, it must be because it's such a bohemian, trendy fashion district and there's something about the angel image that appeals to designers.

Stuck in traffic along Robertson Blvd I spotted these gilded angel bookends on the window of the European Fine Antiques store.
European Fine Antique angel bookends
Then in another antiques store window on Santa Monica Blvd, I snapped this winged angel lamp. There really is no accounting for taste is there.
Antique angel lamp
Finally for my latest angels sightings around L.A., yesterday I captured this fashion store angel along Sunset Boulevard, when I was strolling past photographing some cool billboards.
Sunset Blvd shop angel
It seems there are many more angels to be found on my quest, so I'd better keep looking...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cool TV, movie and sexy billboards around L.A. in October...

There seem to be slimmer pickings for interesting billboards around L.A. in October, so here are a few of my favourites from the worlds of TV, movies, fashion and more.

TV billboards

V TV sci-fi show billboard
I'm extremely excited about the remake of V, so I really hope they don't mess it up.
V sci-fi TV series billboard
The original 1983 mini-series was a must-see TV event which I loved growing up and these billboards are suitably foreboding for the forthcoming sci-fi series.
V sci-fi TV series billboard
Let's hope they do the alien arrival concept justice. No pressure, ABC Studios.
The Prisoner remake TV series billboard
Another cult TV classic from the late 1960's is getting a makeover. I'm excited to see The Prisoner remake, which stars Ian McKellan (as Two) and Jim Caviezel (taking on the role made famous by Patrick McGoohan, Number Six).
White Collar TV show billboard
Another TV show billboard that stands out for its simplicity is this advert for White Collar, a new crime drama about a con-man helping the FBI catch other criminals.

Alcohol billboards
Svedka Vodka billboard
I love this futuristic and colourful campaign for Svedka Vodka which has real standout appeal against the fantastically blue Californian sky.

Hot male model billboards
David Beckham Emporio Armani underwear billboard
I recently featured this Emporio Armani underwear ad featuring the Beckhams in all their glory as part of my round-up of hot male billboards around L.A. this past six months.

I've heard whispers that fellow soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo and current Hollywood favourite Megan Fox, of Transformers fame, will replace the couple as the new faces of Armani, so this may be the last we see of them gracing the skies of Los Angeles (for Armani at least).
Hot swimming pool guy billboard
Next up is an advert for some condos in West Hollywood blatantly going for the gay market with their hunky pool guy. Well I suppose that's one way to rent out your apartment in tough economic conditions.
Racy Gypsy fashion billboard
Finally for this selection is this racy 'Adam and Eve-esque' fashion billboard for Gypsy, although I think someone forgot the clothes this time around.

Sports billboards
Black Eyed Peas LA Dodgers billboard
The billboards for the L.A. Dodgers team continue to feature a wide variety of celebrities, musicians and TV personalities. I'm not exactly sure what it's supposed to say about baseball though.

Movie billboards
2012 movie billboard
For movies this month we have the suitably dramatic 2012, which is a disaster movie of apocalyptic proportions.
2012 movie billboards
Let's hope it's not a total disaster to watch, with all CGI special effects and no plot.
The Lightning Thief movie billboard
This eye-catching teaser billboard campaign is for a film that doesn't open until the 15th of February 2010, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, to give it its full title, based on the book by Rick Riordan.
Where The Wild Things Are film billboard
Next is a children's storybook adapted into a film for grown-ups, with a Where The Wild Things Are billboard, followed by an animated Disney movie made especially for young kids and families to enjoy, The Princess and The Frog.
Disney Princess and The Frog animated movie billboard
The new movie features Disney's first African-American Princess, Tiana.
Disney Princess and the Frog movie
Finally I'll leave you with something to get you in the mood for Christmas (it's not that far away folks, so don't go shaking your heads in disbelief), Jim Carey's new 3D animated version of A Christmas Carol, also from Disney.
Disney A Christmas Carol movie billboard
Hopefully November will have more advertising treats to offer, but make sure to check out the billboards that graced the L.A. skyline in September.

Until next time I'll keep my eyes peeled for something to catch my interest...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carved Halloween pumpkins light up the West Hollywood skyline...

Yesterday I spent far too many hours scooping out pumpkin innards and trying to carve some spooky faces into them to add some festive Jack O'Lanterns to our Halloween celebrations.
Jack O Lanterns at Halloween
Then out came the tripod and camera with its nighttime setting and I snapped away on our roof deck with the lights of West Hollywood in the background.
Spooky Halloween Jack O Lanterns
Glowing Halloween pumpkins
I think you'll agree the results are not too bad.
Spooky carved Halloween pumpkins
Halloween jack pumpkin head
As they took over five hours to make, I make no apologies for the number of photographs presented here.
Halloween pumpkin lanterns LA Skyline
Halloween carved Jack O Lantern
This year's lanterns were mainly inspired by two things.

Sally, Halloween Jack and Maleficent
Disneyland Halloween characters
In part by my recent day out at Disneyland, where I saw this seasonal character display featuring Halloween Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas and the evil witch, Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent
Disneyland Hallowwen Maleficent
But also by the wonderfully imaginative, sharp-fanged creature faces from Where The Wild Things Are movie.

Halloween Jack from
A Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween Jack Nightmare Before Christmas
Speaking of pumpkins I also thought I'd share with you again last year's efforts and our yellow Labrador Cooper's reaction to his first Jack O' Lantern.

Curious Cooper and the Halloween pumpkin
Pumpkin face and curious pup
As you can see he was quite curious about the carved pumpkin, or maybe he was just annoyed that it was in his favourite sleeping spot by the fireplace.
Halloween Pumpkin and pup
You may also notice that the 'Halloween Jack' pumpkin face is a bit of a favourite of mine, making an appearance two years in a row.

Halloween 2008 pumpkin, costume and balloons
Halloween Spider-man and pumpkin
But anyway, back to this year's spooky efforts.
Jack O Lantern pumpkin
Pumpkins against LA Skyline
I have say I got a numb thumb from all that carving, but it was lots of fun.
Carved Halloween lantern
West Hollywood Jack O Lanterns
Friends suggested I should use all the pumpkin to bake a pie, but making two lanterns is more than enough of a 'Martha Stewart' moment for the time being.

The Tower of Terror hotel lobby at Disneyland
Creepy Tower of Terror at Disneyland
Is anyone feeling festive yet? My local neighbourhood seems to be getting into the mood with decorations everywhere from ghostly angels, cobweb covered fences to skeleton graves on lawns.
Halloween pumpkins at night
Halloween lantern
At least now I feel like I've joined in the festive spirit.
Halloween carved pumpkins
I hope you enjoy my pumpkin carving endeavours and look forward to sharing more Halloween treats with you all soon...