Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amoeba Music angels...

By now you must all realise how often I go to ArcLight Hollywood cinema to see the latest films or photograph the original movie costumes and props on display. It's one of my favorite pastimes, along with keeping my eyes open for angel sightings around L.A.
Amoeba Music angels mural
So imagine my surprise when I glimpsed this colourful mural adorning the wall of Amoeba Music on Ivar Avenue, whilst driving back from the cinema (which is literally just around the corner) along Sunset Boulevard.
Amoeba Music Store on Sunset Blvd
I can't tell you how many times I've driven past the Amoeba Music store in the last eighteen months, so either I'm totally blind or this wall mural is new.
Angels of Amoeba Music
Well, my eye sight is not that great, but I can't believe I've been oblivious to those winged musical creatures all this time.
Musical winged Amoeba angels
Does anyone know if Amoeba changes its wall art frequently? I wonder how many times I've sat at the traffic lights staring at this wall without anything registering?
Amoeba music angel wall mural
Only the other day I discovered another cheeky little angel in the neighbourhood at the corner of Sunset & Vine, on the The Flight of Europa statue.
Amoeba Music wall mural angels
Maybe I've become attuned to the angelic imagery around L.A. during my quest, or what if there is a divine hand at work guiding me to each new discovery.

Ohh, spooky...

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