Friday, October 30, 2009

Anatomy of a logo...

You may have noticed a little makeover here at Jason in Hollywood the past few days. I decided it was high time to introduce a refreshed logo so that new visitors to my blog could get an idea of what it's all about.
Jason in Hollywood blog logo
I made sure to include a picture of myself, Jason in Hollywood, and our faithful yellow Labrador, Cooper, as this blog is all about chronicling our adventures here in Hollywoodland.

The photo was actually taken on one of our excursions up the West Coast of California, on Stearns Wharf in Santa Barbara.
Jason and Cooper at Stearns Wharf
We live in West Hollywood and are proud to be gay, so I wanted to highlight some of the local characters from the Los Angeles Pride Parade celebrations in June 2009, hence the fabulous cheerleader in drag on the float.
WEHO Cheer West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade 2009
Mario Lopez and Teri Hatcher represent my Hollywood celebrity sighting efforts. These particular photos were taken early one morning in September this year at the Malibu Triathlon at Zuma Beach.
Teri Hatcher after Malibu Triathlon 2009
Of course Mario Lopez also represents my appreciation of the buff male form in all its glory.
Mario Lopez after Malibu Triathlon 2009
The colourful and quirky Travel Angel sculpture to be found at The Farmers Market highlights my obsessive Angel Quest around the streets of this City of Angels.
The Travel Angel sculpture at The Farmers Market
Henry Moore's spectacular Bronze Form at The Getty Center Sculpture Garden, represents my newfound appreciation of arts and culture around L.A., especially for sculpture and architecture.
Henry Moore Bronze Form sculpture at The Getty Garden
This amazing (and actual) Nite Owl II costume from the Watchmen movie, was photographed on display at my favourite cinema, the ArcLight Hollywood.
Actual Nite Owl II Watchmen costume
Their displays of original costumes, props and even vehicles featured in movies, inspired me to launch my second blog all about, you guessed it, Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props.
Hollywood Movie Costumes and Props blog logo
In designing my new logo for Jason in Hollywood I wanted to have some brand symmetry with my new blog and I think I accomplished that. What do you think?

You may noticed I sneaked one of, if not my favourite cocktail, a cosmopolitan, into the new logo (in front of Teri Hatcher). It represents fun times and eating out at different places in L.A.
My favourite cocktail, a Cosmopolitan
And of course the infamous Hollywood Sign in the background, with a few palm trees for good measure, stands for one of the world's (and L.A.'s) most famous landmarks, and my efforts to see all the sights that Los Angeles has to offer. Whenever I see it, I still can't believe I'm having this fantastic adventure.
The Hollywood Sign Los Angeles
So there's the story behind the new Jason in Hollywood logo. I'm sure it will evolve over time, just as my blog has, but for now enjoy the new look and keep coming back for your daily dose of adventures in entertainment, Los Angeles and life.

See you soon...

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