Monday, October 12, 2009

Business sign angels...

This weekend I did a good deed and my blog actually helped someone (or at least two people to be exact).

Firstly someone commented and thanked me for all the pictures of Cooper during his development, as he has two yellow Labrador puppies and has found Cooper's formative months in pictures useful.
Cupid angel Fruitlove sign
Secondly, a guide from a girl scout troop contacted me as they had a scavenger hunt task and needed to get their photo taken with an angel statue in Los Angeles.
Fruitlove cupid angel sign
So it's good to know that both my preoccupation with taking pictures of Cooper and my slightly obsessional angel quest around L.A. are not all in vain (or for just my benefit).
Sign with angel statue
Anyway, getting back to my two new angel discoveries which were featured on signs for businesses around this City of Angels.

The first is a cupid angel sign for 'Fruitlove' cafe on Melrose Avenue, which has been a popular place to spot angel imagery.
Beverly Packing angel sign
Next up was a sighting not far away as part of a sign for 'Beverly Packing' on Fairfax Avenue.

This one looks like a more traditional angel statue and makes me wonder with all those other L.A. landmarks on the sign, have I missed a rather obvious angel statue in Beverly Hills all these months?

Hmmm, I may have to investigate further...

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