Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carved Halloween pumpkins light up the West Hollywood skyline...

Yesterday I spent far too many hours scooping out pumpkin innards and trying to carve some spooky faces into them to add some festive Jack O'Lanterns to our Halloween celebrations.
Jack O Lanterns at Halloween
Then out came the tripod and camera with its nighttime setting and I snapped away on our roof deck with the lights of West Hollywood in the background.
Spooky Halloween Jack O Lanterns
Glowing Halloween pumpkins
I think you'll agree the results are not too bad.
Spooky carved Halloween pumpkins
Halloween jack pumpkin head
As they took over five hours to make, I make no apologies for the number of photographs presented here.
Halloween pumpkin lanterns LA Skyline
Halloween carved Jack O Lantern
This year's lanterns were mainly inspired by two things.

Sally, Halloween Jack and Maleficent
Disneyland Halloween characters
In part by my recent day out at Disneyland, where I saw this seasonal character display featuring Halloween Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas and the evil witch, Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent
Disneyland Hallowwen Maleficent
But also by the wonderfully imaginative, sharp-fanged creature faces from Where The Wild Things Are movie.

Halloween Jack from
A Nightmare Before Christmas
Halloween Jack Nightmare Before Christmas
Speaking of pumpkins I also thought I'd share with you again last year's efforts and our yellow Labrador Cooper's reaction to his first Jack O' Lantern.

Curious Cooper and the Halloween pumpkin
Pumpkin face and curious pup
As you can see he was quite curious about the carved pumpkin, or maybe he was just annoyed that it was in his favourite sleeping spot by the fireplace.
Halloween Pumpkin and pup
You may also notice that the 'Halloween Jack' pumpkin face is a bit of a favourite of mine, making an appearance two years in a row.

Halloween 2008 pumpkin, costume and balloons
Halloween Spider-man and pumpkin
But anyway, back to this year's spooky efforts.
Jack O Lantern pumpkin
Pumpkins against LA Skyline
I have say I got a numb thumb from all that carving, but it was lots of fun.
Carved Halloween lantern
West Hollywood Jack O Lanterns
Friends suggested I should use all the pumpkin to bake a pie, but making two lanterns is more than enough of a 'Martha Stewart' moment for the time being.

The Tower of Terror hotel lobby at Disneyland
Creepy Tower of Terror at Disneyland
Is anyone feeling festive yet? My local neighbourhood seems to be getting into the mood with decorations everywhere from ghostly angels, cobweb covered fences to skeleton graves on lawns.
Halloween pumpkins at night
Halloween lantern
At least now I feel like I've joined in the festive spirit.
Halloween carved pumpkins
I hope you enjoy my pumpkin carving endeavours and look forward to sharing more Halloween treats with you all soon...

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