Thursday, October 29, 2009

An eclectic mix of shop angels take flight...

On my travels lately I've spotted a real eclectic mix of angel imagery on the streets of L.A.
Gaco Chicano store cupid angel
First up is this fantastic winged specimen adorning the exterior walls of the Gaco Chicano by Christian Audigier store on Melrose Avenue.

Next up are these machine gun wielding cupids on this awning for Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos just off Melrose Avenue on Poinsettia Place.
Beverly Hills Pimps and Hos machine gun cupids
Melrose Avenue certainly seems to be the place to find angels, it must be because it's such a bohemian, trendy fashion district and there's something about the angel image that appeals to designers.

Stuck in traffic along Robertson Blvd I spotted these gilded angel bookends on the window of the European Fine Antiques store.
European Fine Antique angel bookends
Then in another antiques store window on Santa Monica Blvd, I snapped this winged angel lamp. There really is no accounting for taste is there.
Antique angel lamp
Finally for my latest angels sightings around L.A., yesterday I captured this fashion store angel along Sunset Boulevard, when I was strolling past photographing some cool billboards.
Sunset Blvd shop angel
It seems there are many more angels to be found on my quest, so I'd better keep looking...

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