Saturday, October 10, 2009

Filming on location with the cops...

On Thursday when I went to ArcLight Hollywood to see Whip It I also saw a film crew shooting some kind of cop drama on the streets behind the car park.
On location with the cops
In recent days I've also seen signs for the filming of Southland near the Hollywood Bowl, so I wonder if these police cars are from that gritty TV drama, set in L.A., or whether they were shooting a movie or some other TV series.

There's always loads of filming on the streets of L.A., especially at this time of the year with the new TV season in full swing, so I shouldn't have been too surprised to see this spectacle on De Longpre and Ivar Avenue, but it always gives me a thrill to be this close to Hollywoodland.
Location filming in Hollywood
Mind you at times it was hard to distinguish between the pretend cops and those guarding the street and monitoring through traffic. Who knows, maybe one day soon I'll see these scenes on the TV.

Until then I'll keep my eyes peeled for more exciting filming on the streets of Hollywood...


Geoff said...

Seriously bummed that they canceled Southland....I was all set to watch the new season. Are we ever going to get some deep gay characters to represent on network tv? Great post btw! enjoying your blog!

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I think the day after I posted this entry I heard about the cancellation, but also heard that they filmed a few episodes already?!? Maybe they'll release them on DVD.

Know what you mean about good gay characters on TV, although I do have a soft spot for Scotty (and even Kevin, he's Welsh after all) on Brothers & Sisters (even if it's just fun, fluffy, sentimental TV).

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