Monday, October 26, 2009

Ghostly angel haunting Halloween...

I've had quite a glut of new angel sightings of late, but there's also those angels that appear on a temporary basis for festivities such as Halloween.
I found this ghostly angel whilst out walking Cooper along Orlando Avenue and just had to add it to my host of angels.
This spectral tattered winged beauty flanks the entrance to this home with a ghoulish skeleton pirate.
I do love how people really go to town on Halloween decorations in America, be they creative rooftop displays to a smattering of carved pumpkins on someone's doorstep. It really is the start of the holiday season, with Thanksgiving next, Christmas and then the New Year (not wanting to wish away the rest of the year, of course).

We even went to our first Halloween party of the season on Saturday night to help start our seasonal celebrations and I can't wait until next weekend for the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.
Right then, I'm off to carve some pumpkins...

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