Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Cooper returns and has his revenge...

Happy Halloween everyone!
Halloween Labrador Cooper
Halloween Cooper is back and out for revenge.
Halloween costume Cooper
As you can see, once again he's less than thrilled to be putting on his wicked wizard costume to join in the celebrations, but he's already had his revenge by eating the lid of one of my carved Jack O' Lantern pumpkins.
Trick or Treat puppy
This was our mischievous pup last year try to snack on a nice helium balloon, so you can see he's not changed his ways.
Halloween hat Cooper
Luckily Cooper only had to wear his costume for a few short minutes whilst I snapped these adorable pictures and he'll be staying safely inside tonight whilst we go check out the spectacle of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval.
Tired Halloween pup
I'm sure by the time we battle our way up and down Santa Monica Boulevard we'll be ready to pass out just like Cooper after one of his Runyon Canyon hikes.
Tired pumpkin pup
It's our second year so we know a little more about what spooky sights to expect, and I'll have my camera ready to capture the best of the parade of costumes and masked 'Carnaval' goers.
Wicked Halloween wizard pup
You'll also get to see that Cooper isn't the only one I get to dress up for Halloween. Come back soon to find out the dynamic results.
Happy Halloween balloon
Happy haunting today folks...

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