Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Halloween spirit takes to the rooftops of West Hollywood...

I mentioned yesterday that I'd received several messages over the weekend from my blog visitors, from thanks for puppy pictures, requests for more information on my angel sightings and also someone letting me know their latest rooftop creation was on display for Halloween.

ChadMichael Morisette of 'SquareDesigns' is the artist and activist responsible for dressing his roof in mannequins of everything from a Superman Barack Obama to an alternative Easter message and even a tribute to the King of Pop after Michael Jackson's surprise death.
I've featured his fun and provocative work before as it's always brought a smile to my face when I've been driving past the house, but at least now I know the creative soul responsible for these fabulous displays.
You can also see his work displayed in many shop windows around West Hollywood and L.A.
This Halloween installation obviously has a message to tell, but I'm unfamiliar with who the naked 'Liar' is and the gentleman getting the roasting on the chimney top has the name tag 'Elder Smith'.
Can someone help me decipher this message as it's far too cryptic for me, but I think it looks great, especially at night when it's all lit up.
It's a shame it was so gloomy when I took the photos, but I suppose it just adds to the surreal and seasonal quality of the rooftop spectacle along Fountain Boulevard.

Anyway enjoy and let the countdown to Halloween begin...


Geoff said...

Amazing artistic spirit this guy has.....I'm wondering how his neighbors view his efforts! Great post!

Jason in Hollywood said...

I suppose they are leased that they are never permanent installations :-)

Thanks for the comment Geoff!

Greg said...

This is the type of news report that would make a good post on my blog, spotting weird and off beat things in LA @weirdinla.com

Jason in Hollywood said...

Thanks Greg,

feel free to use any of the pix and if you could credit my blog and link to it that would be great!

WEIRD in LA said...

No problem Jason. I just posted and credited your blog at http://bit.ly/19LOGC. Please leave your comment and follow my blog too. If you spot something WEIRD in LA, let me know. I'm on Twitter.

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