Sunday, October 4, 2009

High art and dark street angels...

This selection of angel imagery around L.A. is an eclectic lot.

First up is a replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrace statue normally on display in the Louvre in Paris.
Winged Victory replica statue at Disneyland
Instead of being in France though, this replica sculpture of the goddess Nike (or Victory) can be found under the Californian sun at Disneyland in Anaheim.
Disneyland angel Winged Victory replica
And from high art to street level art, there's this less historic and more macabre angel of death adorning the windows of the DCMA Collective fashion store on Martel Avenue, just off Melrose Avenue.
DCMA Collective skeleton angel
My angel quest certainly has turned up all manner of winged angel imagery on the streets of Los Angeles.
Death skeleton angel
It also seems to be popular with visitors to Jason in Hollywood, as it's proving to be one of my most popular posts at the moment.

You guys keep coming and I'll keep finding as many different angels as I can...

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