Monday, October 5, 2009

Kylie Minogue dazzles at her spectacular Hollywood Bowl debut...

Dazzling. Amazing. Confident. Camp. Vivacious. Fabulous. Glamour. Raunchy. Drama. Impressive. Spectacular.
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl Concert October 2009
Glamourous Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concert
These are all words to describe Kylie Minogue's first ever concert at The Hollywood Bowl on Sunday 4th October 2009.

Kylie wows The Hollywood Bowl
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concertKylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl Oct 09
Kylie Minogue dancers at Hollywood BowlKylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concert Oct 09
Kylie and dancers at Hollywood Bowl
She truly was the 'Princess of Pop' last night and really wowed her thousands of fans with her stunning vocals, sexy dance routines and an awesome lightshow.
Kylie Minogue on stage at Hollywood Bowl
Her two hour performance was top notch and she moved around the stage with such confidence.

Kylie puts on a show at The Hollywood Bowl
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl show
Kylie Minogue performs at her Hollywood Bowl concert
Kylie sings at Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood Bowl Kylie Minogue concert
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl Oct 09
She was clearly loving every moment of finally being on stage at one of Hollywood greatest venues. Her joy was was infectious.

Kylie's amazing lightshow
Kylie Minogue silhouetted at Hollywood BowlKylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl Show 2009
Kylie Hollywood Bowl lighthshow
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl lightshow
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concert 09
Kylie Minogue on stage in Los Angeles
Elements of previous tours from Showgirl to X to make up her inaugural micro-tour of the U.S.A.

Kylie makes her entrance to 'Light Years'
Kylie Minogue Light Years Hollywood Bowl concert
Kylie opened the show to 'Light Years' (one of my favorites songs) by descending from the rafters on a big glittering silver skull.
Kylie lights up the Hollywood BowlKylie Minogue lightshow at Hollywood Bowl concert
The 'Girl from Oz' sung loads of other crowd-pleasing hits like Can't get you out of my head, Shocked, Kids, Love at first sight, Slow, The Loco-Motion, Confide in me, White Diamond, Spinning around, In your eyes, Speakerphone, Wow, 2 Hearts, I should be so lucky and more.

Kylie live on stage in L.A.
Kylie Hollywood Bowl USA Tour 09Kylie dances at Hollywood Bowl concertKylie performs Hollywood Bowl Oct 09
Some were the original versions of the songs and others were performed in fun and alternative arrangements.
Hollywood Bowl Kylie Minogue concert 09
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concert 4 Oct 09
She also previewed a new song from her forthcoming album, which was very 'pop-tastic' and sounded great, so can't wait for that to come out.

Hot boys for our Red Blooded Woman
(and all her gay fans in the audience)
Hot boys at Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concert
Steamy Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concertRaunchy Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl concert
The dancers on the tour were sexy and the costumes equally camp, glamourous and eye-catching. Funnily enough in the box-seat next to us was reality TV-star Brad from the Hollywood celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe Project show on Bravo TV.

Saucy Kylie and her red hot dancers
Sexy Kylie Minogue at the Hollywood BowlRaunchy Kylie Minogue USA Tour concert
Spectacular Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl Show
He seemed a bit bemused by the whole spectacle and being in the 'fashion business' I wondered what he thought of Kylie's outfits, but didn't dwell on it and ultimately he was a 'bad gay' and left the concert before the end.

Haute couture Kylie
Sexy Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl show
Other members of the gay 'glitteratti' glimpsed at the concert included J.D. from the third season of Workout.
Red hot Kylie Hollywood Bowl concert
As soon as I'd heard Kylie was going to play the Hollywood Bowl I just had to have tickets, so as soon as the concert was announced I splurged on four box-seat tickets and I have to say we had a fairly near perfect view of the stage and the amazing lightshow. If I don't say it enough, I love the Hollywood Bowl as a venue, it's the best.

Hollywood Bowl glamour
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl 2009
Kylie dazzles Hollywood Bowl
Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl glamour
As it was lease event we didn't picnic before hand, as you couldn't bring your own alcohol in, like you normally can for Bowl season events, so for once we enjoyed the on-site catering and a couple bottles of pink champagne (what else for a Kylie concert).
Kylie wows Hollywood Bowl
Not only was the view fantastic but we also had our own six-seat box section for just the four of us, so plenty of room to dance around to all our favourite Kylie tunes.
Foxy Kylie Hollywood Bowl concert
It was the best concert of the Hollywood Bowl season and even better than seeing the Pet Shop Boys at The Greek Theatre.
Kylie rocks the Hollywood Bowl
I left the Bowl floating on air and dancing all the way down the street. I wish it wasn't just a one-night only performance.
 Kylie Minogue LA concert 2009
It may have been Kylie's first concert at the Hollywood Bowl, but it was the thrid time I've seen her live. The first two times were at the Hammersmith Apollo in London for her big comeback 'On a night like this' tour.

Kylie's first U.S.A. tour
Diva Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl Kylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl Oct 09
I have to say I do prefer nice intimate venues for concerts rather than big vacuous stadiums.

Colourful concert finale
Kylie Minogue live at theHollywood BowlKylie struts the stage at Hollywood BowlKylie Minogue Hollywood Bowl finaleKylie Hollywood Bowl finale lightshow
I hope you like the photos, it took ages to sift through the 350+ images which exhausted my camera battery, but as you can see it was well worth it.

Kylie takes a bow
Kylie Hollywood Bowl concert bow
We love Kylie and always will...


gonzo7768 said...

Wow. Great concert pics. Sorry, I missed it.

Jason in Hollywood said...

Glad you like them, it was an amazing concert! Kylie rocks!!

Kelsey said...

nicely done - Loved the concert - funny you saw the PSBs at the Greek - we saw them last weekend in Vegas - loved it as well.

Jason in Hollywood said...

It's a shame they both couldn't guest at each others concerts and do their 'In Denial' song, which is fab!

erik98122 said...

Great set of shots! Got to see her show in Vegas and was blown away!

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