Thursday, October 15, 2009

L.A. after the rain...

I'm sure my friends and family back home will be pleased to learn that it does rain sometimes in Los Angeles, as I bet they are bored to tears with all my tales of constant sunshine and soaring temperatures.
Misty Runyon Canyon after rain Oct 09
Well good news guys, the rain has finally come to L.A. and after around three days of being limited to walking the neighbouring streets under an umbrella, today we ventured back up to our favourite dog hiking trail, Runyon Canyon.
Happy Cooper at Runyon Canyon
As you can imagine, Cooper our eighteen month old yellow Labrador, was ecstatic.
Runyon Canyon after rain October 2009
His energy and naughtiness levels really start to creep up if he doesn't get a big walk, swim or trip to the beach most days.
Misty LA after rain Oct 09
As you can see, L.A. can be a misty place after the rain and at first you could hardly see the trail ahead of you let alone the houses or the Hollywood Sign normally visible from the canyon.
Runyon Canyon trail after rain Oct 09
You can also see the damage the rain does when it washes away all the dust and dirt on the hillside and I know that the regions which suffered the recent wildfires weren't looking forward to the possibility of mud-slides these past few days.
Labrador Cooper at Runyon Canyon
But Cooper doesn't care about such concerns, he's happy playing with the dogs he meets and tiring himself out chasing balls that he finds (and borrows). Although I have to say I was surprised at how clean he was at the end of the walk with all that mud around.
Los Angeles after the rain Oct 09
The amazing thing about L.A. though is that even after heavy rainfall, you can almost guarantee the sunshine will come out again and as we walked around the canyon the skies started to lighten.
LA after rain October 2009
It was like walking in a sauna this morning once the sun started shining on all the mists, all hot and steamy and difficult to breathe.
Runyon Canyon's mist capped ridges
Of course it never helps when you decide to hike the highest peaks the hardest way around (paying penance for all that food and drink the night before) and praying not to encounter any rattlesnakes now that the weather is cooling.
Cooper's first Basix visit
In addition to it being the first rain of the season, I couldn't help sharing with you another first, this time for Cooper. On Saturday he accompanied us to one of our local eateries, Basix on Santa Monica Blvd, and sat at our feet whilst we had some lunch.
Expectant Cooper at Basix restaurant
Don't let his sad facial expressions fool you, after an earlier stop at the pet store, he had a nice tasty rawhide to munch on whilst we ate our food.

The forecast for the next few days is sunny and the skies are blue outside, so I'm off out to walk pup in the dry...

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