Thursday, October 8, 2009

More pool play for Cooper...

Yesterday afternoon Cooper had another play-date with the added bonus of a swimming pool. You and I know exactly what that means - big splashes all around!
Cooper makes a big splash again
The last time we had the opportunity to take our seventeen month old pup to a friend's pool Cooper perfected his diving skills, and now he's so much more confident and launches himself with abandon into the pool after his toys.
cooper's pool fun
So we drove over to the hills above Burbank and met up with some new dog pals, Vita and Sammy.

Cooper and Sammy
Labrador pool play
Things didn't exactly go as planned as on dry land Cooper had to avoid the advances of un-neutered fourteen month old Sammy trying to hump him at every turn, whilst two and a half year old Vita (whose backyard it was) was a bit toy possessive and dominant and so Cooper was too scared to jump into the pool when she was around.

Retriever dog Vita
Cooper can be so submissive at times, which I know is so much better than him being an aggressive dog, but sometimes I wish he'd stand up for himself a bit more so that the other dogs didn't push him around so much.
Retrievers swimming in pool
But he's such a sweet natured boy and that's why we love him so much.
Cooper's pool playtime
His overzealous playmates didn't stop him from diving in and having fun though.
Cooper and his pool toy
He really is in his element in the water now and best of all it totally wears him out which means he doesn't wake us at crazy times in the morning when he jumps up on the bed.
Retrievers at play in pool
If only we could take Cooper into our condo swimming pool he'd be in heaven, but sadly no dogs are allowed (which is weird as it's such a dog-friendly place).
17 month yellow Labrador Cooper poolside
Now that we're heading into Autumn the days will begin cooling down a bit and so it means I can take Cooper further afield in the daytime exploring and because it's off season I predict a few trips to the beach in the future.

Come back soon for more of Cooper's on-going adventures...

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