Friday, October 23, 2009

Pup returns to Sycamore Cove (it's been a while)...

Yesterday pup and I ventured to one of his favourite beach retreats to practice his retrieving skills and to play in the ocean surf.
Happy surf Labrador Cooper
At this time of year Sycamore Cove in Ventura County is much quieter, especially if you get there in the morning.
Labrador Cooper beach ball fun
Saying that, it still seems to be a popular spot for filming and a production crew was setting up for some location shooting on the beach, although Im not sure if it was for a TV show or a film.
Labrador Cooper splashing through the surf
Cooper literally bounded down out of the car when we arrived and raced onto the sand down to the shoreline. It's safe to say he remembers the place.
Sycamore Cove Labrador Cooper
Labrador Cooper surf fun
It's amazing to see how differently he plays now that he's a big strong eighteen months old Labrador, compared to his very first visit when he was only a seventeen week old pup.
18 month beach Labrador Cooper
Beach shore Labrador Cooper
He's far more confident in the water and was desperate to splash through the waves, although the strong tidal current made him less eager to go for a proper swim.
Sycamore Cove driftwood
It was a beautiful morning at the beach and we timed it just right because when we were driving home along the Malibu coastline the mists started to roll in, which was an uncanny sight (and salty taste) in the bright sunshine.
Yellow Labrador Cooper in the surf
Cooper crashing through the waves
It's wonderful to watch him scamper about in the surf with such abandon and there's nothing quite like being besides the crashing waves of the ocean on a clear day to clear your head.
Smiling beach Labrador Cooper
Cooper vs the waves
We only managed to lose one frisbee at sea, but Cooper didn't seem to mind and he really didn't want to leave, even though he was exhausted.
Labrador fun at the beachBeach Labrador Cooper
I look forward to many more trips to the beach in the coming months with Cooper, as it's such an antidote to his countless daily walks around the neighbourhood and hikes up Runyon Canyon (which are great, but can get a bit repetitive).
Sycamore Cove Ventura County
Blues skies, hot temperatures, a sandy beach and a happy dog, what more could you want from life...

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