Friday, October 16, 2009

Top ten most viewed Jason in Hollywood images on Flickr...

Over six months ago I reported on what the ten most popular Jason in Hollywood images that I've uploaded to Flickr were.

Since then there have been a few new entries into the TOP TEN, some favourites moving up the chart and some falling from grace out of the coveted top spot.

So here are the current hottest images on my Jason in Hollywood Flickr photostream for you to enjoy:

1 - Mamma Mia The Movie dance finale costumes
Mamma Mia film dance finale costumes
9,432 views to date
(up 2,648 views)

There's a new number one stealing the spotlight as the Mamma Mia movie dance finale costumes worn by the likes of Meryl Streep, Amanda Seyfried and Pierce Brosnan storm up the chart to snatch pole position from Heath Ledger's Joker costume from The Dark Knight.

2 - The Joker costume worn by
Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
Heath Ledger's Joker costume from The Dark Knight
9,306 views to date
(up 1,444 views)

I'm sure we'll see a few Joker's at this year's West Hollywood Halloween celebrations.

3 - Transformers 2 Autobot Sideswipe
Corvette Stingray Concept car
Autobot Sideswipe Corvette Stingray Concept car
7,916 views to date

I really don't think it's surprising this sleek and sexy sports car from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen speeds into third place. It was an amazing car to see in person and I photographed it alongside other actual Autobot vehicles used in the Transformers sequel outside ArcLight Hollywood cinema.

4 - Hot male torso Abercrombie & Fitch billboard
Hot male torso Abercrombie & Fitch billboard
7,514 views to date
(up 2,327 views)

Muscling away the competition to retain its fourth place in the chart, is this hot male model billboard for the Abercrombie & Fitch advertising campaign from August 2008.

5 - Clown henchmen masks worn
in The Dark Knight movie
Clown masks from The Dark Knight
7,031 views to date
(up 1,689 views)

These clown masks worn at the beginining of The Dark Knight movie slip two spots to fifth place.

6 - Transformers 2 Optimus Prime truck
Transformers 2 Autobot leader Optimus Prime truck
5,414 views to date

The impressive Autobot leader Optimus Prime storms in to grab the sixth slot in the TOP TEN.

7 - The Dark Knight Batman suit
Christian Bale's Batman suit from The Dark Knight
4,335 views to date
(up 874 views)

Moving down the chart two places, but not beaten yet, is the Batman suit worn by Christian Bale. All these costumes from The Dark Knight movie were taken in July 2008.

8 - Cooper at 8 weeks
8 week yellow Labrador pup Cooper
4,273 views to date
(up 2,339 views)

Proving that our Hollywood Hound is still as adorable as ever, Cooper stays in the TOP TEN, but slips two places. Sadly two other pictures of Cooper leave the upper echelons of the chart.

9 - Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC -1701 model
Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC-1701 model replica
4,261 views to date

Swooping in to the chart at warp speed is a replica of the USS Enterprise starship used in JJ Abrams new Star Trek re-imagining.

This 34-inch model was part of The Enterprise Project which saw artists around the world re-interpret the iconic spaceship design.

10 - Autobot cars Bumblebee and Sideswipe
Transformers 2 Autobot cars Bumblebee and Sideswipe
3,481 views to date

Joining his Autobot counterpart Sideswipe is Bumblebee's yellow Camaro muscle car in this fantastic image breaking into the TOP TEN.

Crashing out of the top tier of Flickr images are the movies costumes from Twilight and a Heath Ledger Joker billboard.

I wonder what another six months will bring, who will move on up and what will go down.

Keep visiting Jason in Hollywood for all the answers and more besides...

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