Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alley graffiti angels...

As a newcomer to L.A., there's one thing that really stands out when you drive around the streets and that's the abundance of street art and graffiti everywhere.
Graffiti angel
And surprisingly that's not a bad thing. Many shops and retailers seem to encourage it or actually integrate it into their store facades and because the low-level architecture of Los Angeles isn't the most inspiring at times, the graffiti can really add some interest to an area.
Graffiti angel mural
These eye-catching murals are more like street art than vandalism and there are clearly some very talented artists creating these visual spectacles.
Machine gun cupid angel awning
These two particular graffiti angels can be found down the side alley on the walls of Beverly Hills Pimps & Hos store.

I'm surprised I haven't noticed them before as I previously showcased their machine gun toting cupids on the store front awning, along N Poinsettia Place just off Melrose Avenue, in my round-up of eclectic shop angel imagery.
Alley graffiti angel
These colourful winged beauties make me realise that there are many more angels to be found in this City of Angels.

My quest continues...

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