Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Blind Side is the perfect feel-good movie to make you feel thankful...

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

If you're wondering what to watch at the cinema today after your dinner I'd recommend Sandra Bullock's new heart-warming movie The Blind Side.

It's nice sometimes to go see an uncomplicated, feel-good movie that isn't traumatic viewing and makes you thankful that good does exist in the world.
The Blind Side movie poster
Initially slow to start, the movie soon picks up speed and tells the true story of Michael Oher, an African-American boy from a broken home who is taken in by the generosity of a rich white family, the Tuohy's, who with their support goes on the become an American Football superstar.

This certainly could have been different, more traumatic viewing, maybe along the lines of Precious if they'd played up Michael's old life of hardship and not the new one of opportunity he finds himself in.
The Blind Side film
But luckily they don't dwell on the negative aspects of his life too much and we're allowed to see how someone can grow and succeed when they are given the right support, education and love.

Sure they gloss over things like how the other children really feel about this new addition to the family, I'm sure it wasn't as simple and easy as depicted in the film, but then this is a movie where you can just sit back and watch without worrying too much about the finer details.

I love Sandra Bullock, as whether it's Speed, The Net or films like The Proposal, she always brings a likability and humour to her character.
The Blind Side movie
There's a lot of easy humor in The Blind Side and most of it is provided by her ballsy character Leigh Anne Touhy, but also from her younger son in the movie, S.J., whose relationship with 'Big Mike' is sweet, touching and funny.

At times it would have helped if I understood the rules or principles of American Football, but it's not really necessary to enjoy the movie.
The Blind Side movie
It's not a total tear-jerker, but there are certainly some real tender, emotional moments in the film (there were a few sniffs and a bit of blubbering in the audience around me towards the end).

I give The Blind Side three *** stars for being good family-friendly viewing and even sweeter to be based on a true events, especially poignant when you see the real-life footage and photos in the credits at the end of the movie.

Enjoy your day and whatever movie you choose to see, I'm off to cook our turkey...

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