Friday, November 6, 2009

Fountain of angels...

Now that I can drive (which I couldn't back home in Britain), I spend most of my time in my car driving from place to place in L.A.

On my travels I sometimes glimpse something intriguing to photograph or investigate further and this angel sighting is just such an example.
Fountain of angels
I was stopped in traffic just by the corner of 1st Street and La Brea Avenue and I glimpsed this fantastically ornate fountain amongst the eclectic offerings of this random salvage yard.
Angelic salvage yard fountain
Of course I had to pull over and taker a closer look and I have to say this find was well worth my time.
Fountain angel cherub
If only I had a big enough manse with a garden to install this cherubic fountain.
Cherub fountain
It's positively overflowing with little winged angel cherubs and I wonder if it's based on some famous sculpture fountain.
Ornate angel fountain
I love it because it's just so playful and fun. I'm sure it won't be long before some interior designer snaps it up for someone's Hollywood home (and charges them a small fortune for it).

Remember, you saw it here first...

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