Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The further adventures of Batman and Robin in Hollywood....

Even though Halloween is now well and truly over, I couldn't give up the opportunity to do a behind-the-scenes with our dynamic alter egos.
Halloween dynamic duo
We had such fun dressing up as Batman and Robin, which was in part inspired by the old British Only Fools and Horses Christmas TV special from my childhood, which saw brothers 'Del Boy' and Rodney running through the streets as the iconic superheroes.

Being a smidgen taller, my other half, Charlie, nabbed the Caped Crusader costume, which was the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon version.
Classic Batman Halloween costume
Whilst I got to be his plucky sidekick, The Boy Wonder - Robin, with an outfit from the Teen Titans animated series.
Robin Boy Wonder
We got our buff looking outfits from Ursula's Costumes on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, although we accessorised with kids gloves and in my case a Batman utility belt from Amazon (to hold all my essential gadgets like camera, ID and wallet).
Robin & Batman costumes
I'm seriously tempted to just give up the gym and start wearing the molded torso with its rock hard six-pack and perfect pecs from now on.
Robin vs Halloween Cooper
As you can see, Halloween Cooper joined in on our dress rehearsal fun (he's not overly fond of masks, hats or hoods) and as you know even had his own costume session, where he was less than impressed.
Wicked Halloween pup Cooper
I have to say one consideration for next year is a costume that is easy to pee in and doesn't require two people to extricate yourself whenever you need to spend a penny quickly.
Halloween Batman cowl
If you've not done so yet, make sure to check out our fun-filled adventures at theWest Hollywood Halloween Carnavalas the Dynamic Duo.
Superhero costume funHalloween Robin in action
So last year I dressed as Spider-man from Marvel Comics and this year we were DC's Batman and Robin. Who shall we be next year I wonder?
Halloween Brave and the Bold Batman costume
A quarter of Jason in Hollywood visitors who cast their vote this year wanted to dress me as Yoda, with another 16% requesting Wonder Woman and 12% opting for Wolverine.
Halloween Boy Wonder
Apologies for not going as the wise green one this year, but "surprise you next year I may".
Halloween Cooper vs Teen Titan Robin
It seems such a shame to put away the costumes for another year. Maybe I'll just have to start going out on nightly crime patrols or simply wear it around the house when doing the cleaning...

Buy the Batman costume in the USA: Batman Brave and Bold Adult Halloween Costume
Buy the Robin costume in the USA: DC Comics Robin Muscle Chest Adult

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