Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More fabulous highlights of the West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval...

Yesterday I showcased the Heroes and Villains of West Hollywood's Halloween Carnaval and today it's the turn of everything else, from drag to fab.

Life's a drag in West Hollywood
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval drag
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Halloween over here in America. It seems less about ghosts, witches and zombies and more about expressing yourself.

Naughty and nice?
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval angelic devil
You can be whatever you want to be (or can imagine) for one night - a superhero, an angel, a priest, drag it up as a woman or simply become your favourite idol.

Elvis and glamorous friends
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval Elvis and friends
On Saturday night Santa Monica Blvd was flooded with masked marvels, fantastic costumes that people had made, bought or customised and hundreds of eager spectators enjoying the spectacle.

High drama stilt-walkers
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval stilt-walkers
Some people even included transport as part of their overall theme like this glow-in-the-dark bike (this photo doesn't really do it justice with all its flashing neon lights).

Skeleton bike rider lights up Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009 glow in the dark disco bike
Whilst others even became living pop culture concepts, like this Rice Krispies cereal box brought to life.

Snap, Crackle and Pop
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009 Rice Krispies display
I was surprised to see there were not as many Michael Jackson's as I'd imagined there'd be, but there were lots of imaginative interpretations of the 'Balloon Boy' hoax.

West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval spirit
Carnaval spirit at West Hollywood Halloween 2009
I always think when you have a great body it doesn't really matter what you wear, but those West Hollywood boys certainly do like to flaunt what they've got.

West Hollywood Village People
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009 muscle indian
Although someone should tell these guys that swimming trunks are not a real Halloween costume, no matter how great your body looks.

Where's the glitter and the glamour boys?
West Hollywood Halloween swimsuit guys 2009
The great thing about the Carnaval is that when you looked around, aside from the people enjoying themselves, you could also see a lot of people who'd really thought about their concept and they were more like street performance artists than merely someone in a costume.

Blown away by WEHO's Halloween Carnaval
Blown away at West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009
But then I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised as this is the town with a lot of creative people, who either are in the movie business or would like to be.

An outrageous homage to Tina Turner
Dancing Tina Turners at West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009
On the night other costumed Carnaval goers were more than happy to have their picture taken with you and everyone wanted to take your picture or be in a picture with you.

West Hollywood Halloween heroes
WEHO Halloween comic book heroes
Our Batman and Robin costumes were such a great choice of outfit this year, especially for a couple, and it was like being famous, as everyone knows the Dynamic Duo. I had so much fun.

Blessed angel
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval blessed angel
I did feel guilty though as I'm such a Marvel Comics fan and last year I wore a Spider-man costume, so to go as Robin, a DC Comics character is a bit of a faux pas.

West Hollywood feathered flair
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval feathered headdress
There was lots of creativity on the streets of West Hollywood Carnaval, but I felt like there was a bit less big 'shock and awe' spectacle this year, but maybe we'd just missed that earlier in the evening.

Lots of fun for the young and the old
West Hollywood Halloween old man mask
What there was though was lots of fun and a great atmosphere, even if at times it became a bit claustrophobic with the sheer number of people in the bustling crowds (especially when you're wearing a mask and hot costume).

West Hollywood fabulousness
The blue sailor and the Duchess at West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009
If you like these sights of the Halloween celebrations you should also check out all the fabulous costumes and floats of WEHO's Gay Pride Parade from June this year.

Halloween horrors
West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval monster costumes 2009
I'm already looking forward to next year's festivities and feel like I should either try and make something myself or else commission something fabulous to wear, as it's such a laugh to dress up for the evening.

Glow-in-the-dark 'Tron-tastic' outfits
Tron inspired costumes at West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009
It really is amazing how much effort goes into just one night, but it's well worth it.

I want my mummy
West Hollywood Halloween mummy
Luckily the next day everyone got an extra Halloween treat as the clocks went back and we had an extra hour to recover from the night before (unless you have an eighteen month old Labrador puppy that is).

Ladies of the night
Ladies in black at West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval 2009
Come back tomorrow for more costumed capers...

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