Thursday, November 5, 2009

Puppy's life in mono...

I love black and white photography, whether it be a beautifully shot landscape or a cute greetings card, so I thought it was time to experiment with my favourite photography subject, our eighteen month old yellow Labrador, Cooper.
Cooper's hopeful pup profile in mono
Cooper's hopeful pup profile
From your votes in the latest poll a lot of you come to Jason in Hollywood to follow our pup's misadventures (believe me, several times I have considered changing the name to Cooper in Hollywood), so here are a collection of recent pictures in full colour and also in mono for you to compare and contrast.
Perfect yellow Labrador face in mono
Perfect yellow Labrador face
By the way I know you're probably thinking when am I going to stop calling our eighteen month old Labrador a puppy, so let's make a deal.
Happy surf Labrador Cooper in mono
Happy surf Labrador Cooper
I'll stop calling him a puppy when he stops acting like the great big bundle of puppyness that he is (you could be in for a long wait though).
Inquisitive Labrador pup Cooper in mono
Inquisitive Labrador pup Cooper
It really is interesting to look at the images in, quite literally, a different light.
16 month old bench Cooper in mono
16 month old bench Cooper
Why don't you let me know which versions you prefer.
18 month yellow Labrador Cooper in mono
18 month yellow Labrador Cooper
And if you want more of Cooper, don't be shy, let me know by voting or commenting.
Passed out 16 month pup in mono
Passed out 16 month pup
I have a feeling you may be seeing a few more black and white photos here at Jason (and Cooper) in Hollywood.

Enjoy and come back soon...

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