Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twilight fever strikes, or is that Taylor fever...

Which of these statements is true? I watched The Twilight Saga - Mew Moon because:
  1. I love anything with vampires
  2. Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress
  3. To see Taylor Lautner's super-buff body
Twilight New Moon Jacob
I think we all know the answer is 3 and I think the majority of the cinema audience agreed with me by the number of gasps and whoops when he unveiled his muscular new body. Granted the audience was predominantly made up of teenage girls and their mothers (and probably a few gay men too).
Taylor Lautner as Jacob in Twilight New Moon
For some reason this movie sequel has become all about him and his bare chested 'wolf pack' mates (not that I'm complaining), possibly because any celebrity magazine I read at the moment is telling me that he added 30lbs of pure muscle to reprise his role as Bella's childhood friend, Jacob Black, in The Twilight Saga.
The Wolf Pack from Twilight New Moon
I actually thought that this movie was an improvement over the first film, which at times felt like big budget pilot for a new TV series. New Moon feels richer, more confident and even has some location shooting in Italy to make the most of its better budget.
Twilight New Moon Bella
I also agree with my second point above I that Kristen Stewart is a great actress and she does make her character believable, even though she does seem to mope around like a lovesick teenager for most of the movie. I've also never understood the fascination some girls have with vampires? What is it they like about the pasty skin and pointy fangs?

Original Twilight New Moon movie costumes
Even though Robert Pattinson as Edward is suitably charming, he's totally shown up by Taylor Lautner's buff physique when he disrobes at the climax of the film. He's also not in the movie all that much this time around, but his presence is certainly felt.

I've not read the Stephanie Meyer Twilight Saga books, so it's nice to go and see a movie that I can be surprised by and I did like the scenes shot in the Italian town at the end as it reminded me of my own Tuscan travels.
Twilight New Moon Edward
I'm not a huge vampire fan, but I do like supernatural genre movies, so I'm interested to see where the story goes next now that the warring clan of werewolves has been introduced.

It's been interesting to experience the Twilight phenomenon this time around, especially as I saw the original movie on DVD. So when I came out after seeing Precious at 11.30pm on Thursday evening and saw the ArcLight Hollywood busier than I'd ever seen it with hordes of teenage girls in Twilight T-shirts waiting for the midnight screenings, I realised I had to go see New Moon at the cinema this time around to see what all the fuss was about.

Kristen Stewart's Bella Italy outfit from Twilight New Moon
I enjoyed the movie and give it three *** stars. I'm still slightly disturbed at how good Taylor Lautner looks at seventeen, maybe I'm just envious that I never did at that age (or now for that matter), but good on him for beefing up to keep his part (I always hate it when they change actors for the same characters between movies).

If you're a Twilight fan be sure to check out these costumes worn by Kristen Stewart and other main characters in the movie.

So many movies to see, so little time...

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