Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas with Cooper...

After a flying visit to the U.K. we returned home to L.A. to enjoy our second Christmas with Cooper.
Happy Christmas Cooper
Our lovable Labrador, now twenty months old, greeted us excitedly when we went to pick him up from his kennel holiday home directly from the airport.
Cooper's Christmas presents
Even though we'd enjoyed seeing friends and family in Britain, we'd missed Cooper lots (even though we'd been keeping an eye on him via the doggie daycare web cam), so were really looking forward to another Christmas Day with our pup.
Christmas tree Cooper
Cooper must have been a good boy this year as he had plenty of new toys and treats to enjoy (some all the way from across the Atlantic).
Christmas Champagne Charlie
Whilst his two dads were enjoying a glass of champagne on Christmas morning, Cooper was more interested in what was in his monogramed stocking.
Expectant Christmas pup
We gave Cooper a helping hand to open his presents and were all thrilled with how many squeaky toys he'd received (although luckily they never last long once he gets his teeth into them).
Pups Xmas present time
I think Cooper was a bit mystified by the ceremony of the gift opening and was just looking forward to getting his paws on the yummy treats and bones he'd received.
Pup Cooper's present time
Fortunately our pup wasn't the only one to have been lucky this year and Santa was also very kind to his dads.
Christmas presents 2009
While Cooper enjoyed a chew and the smell of roasting turkey wafted through the air, we got stuck into our own presents (and as you can see took a few photos to remember the day).
Purple Christmas bauble
Sadly not all of Cooper's presents fit him and we had to abandon our efforts to squeeze him into his elf costume, even though it was an extra large.
Santa's little Labrador helper
At least he looked festive in his Santa hat and didn't seem to mind it with all his new toys to play with.
Cooper's new toys
He was also more than willing to help open our presents and took a shine to the angelic dog statue which I received.
Cooper and his Christmas angel
As regular visitors to my blog will know, Cooper's new guardian angel was the perfect gift for me as it combined my love of Labradors with my quest for angels around L.A.
Cooper meets Christmas angel pup
When all the fabulous presents were opened it was time to tuck into our Christmas feast, one of our favourite parts of the day's celebrations.
Christmas lunch 2009
Hmm, I wonder what Cooper's favourite part of the day was? Any guesses?
Christmas pup Cooper
Once again we had a fantastic Christmas Day with Cooper and look forward to many more in the future.
Christmas Jason in Hollywood
I hope you all had an equally Merry Christmas and all the best wishes for a fortuitous 2010...

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