Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cool TV, movie and funky billboards around L.A. in December...

For a moment I thought I wouldn't be able to bring you this monthly installment of billboards around L.A., partly because I'd be away for half of December, also because there seems to be less new TV shows and movies at this time of year and thirdly because of all the recent rain which doesn't make for ideal photography conditions.

But as fates would have it I managed to dodge the rain, reorganize my Christmas shopping schedule and snap a few creative specimens for your perusal. Enjoy!

Movie billboards
Sherlock Holmes USA movie billboard
I love this oversized Sherlock Holmes billboard and I think it's so cocky and confident. I just hope that the director, Guy Ritchie, doesn't totally mess it up, but the trailer looks promising (aside from some dodgy CGI action) and Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law look like they have fantastic chemistry, so fingers crossed.
Precious movie billboard
There were hardly any billboards around L.A. for this movie when Precious opened, but with all the Oscar buzz it's not surprising this poster site has appeared along Sunset Blvd.
Disney Princess and the Frog billboard
The billboard for the new animated musical movie from Disney, The Princess and the Frog, brightens the L.A. skyline along Fairfax Avenue.
Alvin and the Chipmunks Squeakquel billboard
Another kids movie billboard and I have to say a guilty pleasure on mine. I watched the first Alvin and the Chipmunks film on the transatlantic flight from London to L.A. and totally loved it (but I'm not sure that wasn't just the copious amounts of complimentary champagne I was drinking), so this cheeky 'squeakquel' billboard instantly caught my eye.
Did you hear about the Morgans billboards
I know for a fact I won't be going to see this movie at the cinema (as a rule I don't go to watch full-on comedies), but the billboards for the film are all over L.A. at the moment. You can tell there's not much else on offer this holiday season.
It's Complicated movie billlboard
God bless Meryl Streep. I do think she is fantastic (Mamma Mia, Doubt, Julie & Julia anyone?), but Alec Baldwin makes me cringe and Steve Martin looks like he's had one face-lift too many. I think I'll pass on It's Complicated.

TV billboards
Men of a Certain Age TV billboard
By the time you read this I'll be 35, so I feel a bit like a 'man of a certain age', although at times I have the mental age of a teenager.
Entourage Spike TV billboard
Even though at times it seems like I'm stalking Adrian Grenier from Entourage, I've yet to watch a single episode of the popular TV series, so maybe this billboard is my chance to play catch up.

Fashion billboards
Emporio Armani watches billboard
You can tell it's Christmas time when luxury watch advertising takes the place of buff male models for Emporio Armani.

Alcohol billboards
Patron Tequila regifting billboard
There's a reason people wish you a 'Merry' Christmas and I'm sure Tequila is one of the main culprits for that tradition, along with a bit of Absolut Vodka, that is.
Absolut Vodka Cosmo billboard
I smiled when I saw this billboard because that's exactly how I look sipping my cosmos when I'm out and about. Of course I jest, I look far more fabulous than that!

Fragrance billboards
Power fragrance male model billboard
Christmas gift anyone? Maybe someone told this fragrance company that sex sells, or at least scantily clad male models do.

Food billboards
Godiva Chocolate billboard
It wouldn't Christmas without an orgy of chocolate and I have to say that Godiva does make a nice selection of mouth-watering goodies.

Christmas billboards
This is it Christmas Adult Swim billboard
I love this quirky and thought provoking festive billboard from Adult Swim. Will this be it for you this Christmas?
Coca Cola Open Happiness billboard 2009
And finally, if all those billboards have worked up a thirst, why not grab a Coke just like Santa does every year.

And if you still have a thirst for billboards around L.A. check out last month's offerings and stay tuned right here at Jason in Hollywood for what delights the New Year will have on offer...

For a new eye-catching billboard every day visit Daily Billboard.

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