Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Santa Monica sunset...

One of my favourite things about California, aside from the fabulous weather and amazing blue skies, are the spectacular sunsets you can enjoy, especially in Santa Monica as the sun goes down over the Pacific Ocean.
December Santa Monica Palisades Park view sunset
I hope you like this selection of images viewed from the Palisades Park as the winter sun sets.

I really should take a photography course one of these days, as I know you're not supposed to take a photo directly into the sun, but I think that these images are still valid and interesting.
Cloudy December Santa Monica sunset
I'm always mesmerized by the setting sun, I find it incredibly relaxing and quite frankly I'm mostly in awe of the beauty of it all. I especially like the sun's rays breaking through the clouds over the ocean in these pictures.

It's never quite the same as in person, you can never truly capture the amazing colours in the sky and I'm sure my technique could be better, but at least I'll still have the memories of these fantastic sunsets in years to come.
December Santa Monica sunset
I can see why people live in Santa Monica and put up with the marine layer and cooler climes when they get to see these sunsets all the time...

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