Saturday, December 5, 2009

Have a Coca-Cola Christmas...

In sunny L.A. it's sometimes hard to get into the holiday spirit as it feels so odd for the sun to be shining and there to be Christmas trees and decorations everywhere.
Coca Cola Open Happiness Santa Billboard Christmas 2009
Luckily a nice cheery Santa can always get you in the festive mood and I always smile when I see Coke's Christmas billboard advertising featuring the red-suited fellow they helped make so iconic.

Which billboard do you prefer? Above is the new 2009 'open happiness' version and below is last year's 'the coke side of life'.
Classic Santa Claus Coke billboard 2008
Santa Claus seems to be happily glugging back his bottle of Coke in both regardless, all the better to keep him awake and alert on his sleigh no doubt.

I'm sure it also helps keep his big jolly tummy too and I'm surprised in the land of the body beautiful he's not drinking a calorie-free Coke Zero.

But I suppose we all know full-fat classic Coke is best (and even better with a dash of vodka)...

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