Friday, December 18, 2009

Rockin' around our Christmas Tree...

Last year we were too worried to buy a big Christmas Tree in case Cooper decided to start chewing the decorations, or knock it over during one of his mad five minutes.
Rockin' around the Christmas Tree
I'm glad to say our twenty month old Labrador has calmed down considerably, although there's still a lot of puppy in him, so this year we decided to go for it and get a larger tree.
Festive Xmas tree
We opted for an artificial tree as we'd be away for a week or so and would probably come back to a bare tree with all the pine needles on the floor (although funnily enough it still seems to shed plastic needles) and also for fear of Cooper thinking he was in the great outdoors and deciding to cock a leg over it.
Festive Tree 2009
So here it is in all it's glory, resplendent with old favourite decorations and some new baubles and knickknacks from around L.A.
Cooper's Christmas stocking
But don't worry, we haven't totally forgotten about Cooper's considerations, as you can see from his brand spanking new monogramed stocking.
Christmas Tree Decorations 2009
You may also notice he's the star of the white snowflake decoration on the tree too, with a puppy picture from his younger days.
Mini Christmas Tree
You'll be glad to know our tree has energy efficient lights, we can re-use it in the future, and at least it won't join the Christmas Tree graveyard on the streets on West Hollywood after the holidays are over.
White and purple decorated Christmas Tree
Now all we need are some presents under there...

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