Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow at Christmas in L.A...

Well snow-capped mountain tops in December, that is.
Snow capped LA mountains
After the first heavy rain of winter at the beginning of the week, the sky was so clear on Tuesday morning and from Mulholland Drive you could see the spectacular snow-strewn Verdugo Hills in the distance.
San Fernando Valley snow capped mountain view
It was also pretty amazing to see snow behind the Hollywood Sign on Mount Lee, whilst walking at Runyon Canyon.
Snow capped Verdugo Hills
People often say that L.A. doesn't have seasons, but having been here for twenty months or so now, I disagree.
Snow on Verdugo Hills
Sure it can be hotter than hell in the summer, but it still gets cold in the winter especially in the early morning and at night (it is a desert after all). It still rains and autumnal leaves still fall from the trees (although probably more palm fronds than other parts of the country).
Snow capped Los Angeles Mountains
So it's a nice festive treat to see some snow at this time of year on the impressive mountain ranges surrounding the San Fernando Valley (which are not always visible depending on the air quality).
Snow capped mountains surrounding San Fernando Valley
London had its worst snow in eighteen years last February when we were visiting, so maybe it's L.A.'s turn this winter.

Who knows with more rain predicted for the next few days, maybe by some freak chance (or Santa's magic) it will turn to snow and be a white Christmas in L.A. after all...

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