Friday, January 15, 2010

Boring, irritating and bland billboards around L.A. in 2009...

Generally I like most billboards, but there are some that just irritate, annoy or bore me to tears.

Here are a selection of uninspiring ads from around L.A. in 2009 that caught my eye for all the wrong reasons.
Cheesy Lopez Tonight TV billboard
This huge ad site for Lopez Tonight just screams cheesiness and he just looks annoying.
Boring Jay Leno TV show billboardI think there's probably a reason why the new Jay Leno Show failed in its new time-slot. I'm not saying it had anything to do with the advertising for the show, but this dull billboard at Sunset Blvd and Crescent Heights didn't make me want to watch it, so that couldn't have helped.
Uninspiring Itouch billboard
The next offender was a surprise, as I usually love the ads for Apple products, but for a company which thrives on innovation, this advertising for the iPod touch is so dull, uninspiring and one dimensional.
Ipod Touch billboard
To think they paid some advertising agency thousands of dollars for this creative.
Statefarm financial billboard
I understand financial companies have a hard time making their services exciting and appealing, especially in the current economic climate, but someone better tell StateFarm that even though their billboard has a simple message, it totally lacks imagination.
Bland Aldo fashion billboard
Fashion is always such a creative (although subjective) industry, so it's always a surprise to see such bland and undesirable billboards like this one for Aldo, which just looks washed out.
Tacky Lap Band billboard
Some ads not only lack design credentials and imagination, but they are also tacky, like any of the ads for weight loss Lap Band's.
Bud Light drinkability billboard
Even though this Bud Light billboard is colourful it just seems a bit lazy and I don't think it's really trying hard enough to sell itself.

Obviously design and personal taste is in the eye of the beholder and you may not mind any of these ads, or may think there are far worse crimes marring city skylines.

Let me know of any billboards that offend your sensibilities near you and I'll keep my eyes out in 2010 for some more aesthetically challenged culprits...

On the other hand for a daily dose of fantastic billboards visit Daily Billboard.

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