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Cool film, TV and funky billboards around L.A. in January 2010...

It's a brand New Year and there are brand new advertising billboards to get excited about (plus a few remnants from 2009 knocking about). Having come back from the U.K. at the tail end of December there seem to be fresh creatives everywhere around L.A. for movies, TV and fashion advertising.

Indeed much more so than this time last year, when it seemed the first few months that blank billboard spaces littered the L.A. skyline. Maybe there are more movies or new shows about to air, or maybe companies are more confident about the economy compared to last year, when it seemed the world was ending (at least that's what the media portrayed). Enjoy...

Movie billboards
Legion film billboard
I have to start with this striking imagery for new fantasy movie, Legion, which I've featured as part of my angel sightings around Los Angeles already this month, but it's just such an arresting visual I couldn't resist repeating myself.
Legion movie billboards
Next up is a billboard for a new romantic comedy starring Amy Adams (of Enchanted and Julie & Julia fame) and Matthew Goode (who played Ozymandius in Watchmen). I love how the green of the billboard stands out against the blue Californian sky.

I think I may just need to go see this movie, as on a trip to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend, due to weather conditions Amy Adams has to land in my homeland of Wales, at Cardiff airport instead. I'm intrigued to see how the Welsh are portrayed in a Hollywood movie.
Leap Year movie billboard
I've yet to see A Single Man yet, but I've heard interesting things about Tom Ford's directorial debut. Apparently Colin Firth plays against his 'Mr. Darcy' type enough to earn him a Golden Globe nomination and Julianne Moore also receives a nomination based on her performance as his boozy 'partner in crime' in the movie.
A Single Man movie billboard
Next up is the most ironic movie billboard of the month with Mel Gibson in Edge of Darkness. I'm sure his publicist told him this was the right direction to go in after his drunken conduct and divorce, but it's a bit close to the bone don't you think? I think I'll pass on this one.
Edge of Darkness movie billboard
I can't rave enough about Up in the Air and I saw a review describing it as 'real' and I agree wholeheartedly, but would say it's a very 'timely' as well as a 'timeless' movie, as this Golden Globe nominations billboard asserts.
Up in the Air Golden Globe movie billboard
I thought Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones was an OK film and I'd say the same about the billboard, it's OK, but nothing exceptional.
The Lovely Bones movie billboard
There's nothing like a good vampire movie set in the future to make for a good billboard. Even though horror is not my favourite genre this eye-catching billboard was enough to pique my interest to discover the sci-fi element of this movie, which may tempt me to the cinema.
Daybreakers movie billboard
The Book of Eli trailer looks a bit grim with it's post-apocalyptic vision of the future, but these billboards around L.A. certainly stand out on their white background.
Book of Eli movie billboard
Finally for movies is this billboard for Tim Burton's new Alice in Wonderland film for Disney. Hmm, Johnny Depp in a Tim Burton movie, how surprising.
Alice in Wonderland movie billboard

Entertainment Awards billboards
16th Screen Actors Guild Awards billboard
The Screen Actors Guild Awards seem to straddle both movies and television, so it seems only fitting they qualify for this own category this month.

TV billboards
Project Runway season 7 billboard
Project Runway Season 7 is back and this time it's back in New York. We're promised a more exciting series (even though I enjoyed the last one set in L.A.), so of course this will be part of my essential viewing for the New Year.
Human Target TV Billboard
This new action TV show, Human Target, really does catch your eye as you drive by. The challenge will be keeping those viewers once they are captured as very few series seem to last past their first few episodes here in America. When it's new TV show season it seems to be a case of throwing as much mud against the wall and seeing what sticks.
Big Love Hold Tight TV billboard
I love these stand-out creatives for the fourth season of polygamy drama Big Love. I've not succumbed to the show's charms yet, mainly due to the to the controversial and unappealing subject matter and to having only so many hours in the day. Still the billboards are very intriguing.
Big Love TV billboard
This ad for Caprica, the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, is spot on for the target demographic I think. The 'Eve' temptation analogy is very arresting and will appeal to all those teenage boys, older sci-fi fans and gay men alike methinks. However I did buy the pilot episode and was a bit underwhelmed as they seemed to be trying hard to be edgy, gritty and racy with lots of unnecessary sex and nudity.
Caprica TV billboard
Finally for the TV section I couldn't help but include this billboard for reality show, The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty. When Michael Jackson died last year, so pretty much did my interest in this family, especially seeing his opportunistic father publicise his new record company in the media frenzy following his death. It was shameful really.
The Jacksons TV billboard

Fashion billboards
Gypsy sexy fashion billboard
To round out this selection of billboards from around L.A. in January are these two fashion executions. The racy Gypsy ad is the colour version of one I've featured in mono before in October's billboard round-up, but equally eye-catching.
Levi Jeans billboard
Lastly, but not least is this cool, summery and laid back ad for Levi Jeans. It also seems a fitting message for the rest of 2010.

I hope you've enjoyed this selection of January's billboard offerings. As there's such a plethora of new creatives this month I feel there may be mileage in two such installments for January.

'Go Forth' indeed...

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